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10 Guideposts of Grace • Upgrade from Patriarchy to Grace (Part 1)
10 Guideposts of Grace • Upgrade from Patriarchy to Grace (Part 2)

Patriarchy infiltrated the business world, looking and sounding like a military drill sargent, ordering you to bite off an indegestion-causing huge piece of cake and chew, chew, chew, chew like a mofo. That is NOT grace. That is NOT the way to sustained success and business fulfillment or freedom.

Grace looks and sounds more like a cozy sunny day, sipping a warm cup of tea on the terrace, with a bestfriend and a delicate side of cake to complement the tea.


10 Guideposts of Grace

Punishing patriarchy is a conditioning where productivity = worthiness. So not being productive every waking second means having no worth. Lie.

Liberating grace is a choice to lean on the "rivers" of ease, peace, awe, joy and trust to guide you home to the ocean, to where you're meant to be in business and life. Truth.

Here are 5 (of 10) Guideposts of Grace, to encourage you to leap from Solopreneur busyness to Freedompreneur business.


From Punishing Patriarchy... Liberating Grace
Overthinking Ease
Conditioning Peace
Exhaustion Joy
Masks Truth
Worry Trust
Force Clarity
Impulsivity Stamina
Conformity Alchemy
Fractured Integration
Lone Wolf Sanctuary


1. From Fractured to Integration

Fractured sounds like: Part of me wants this, but another part of me wants that. My wounded child is creating havoc in my relationships and goals. My shame monster is drowning me in isolation. My Drama Queen is adding fuel to the fire, but my Inner Destroyer is dousing the fire. Factured looks like a push-pull tug of war inside and out. It's like being an orchestra of one, with you running around to play EVERY instrument.

Wholeness sounds like: Let's all gather under the loving embrace of "Mama Bear Soul" and decide together what is best for our highest growth and enjoyment. Whatever gets done or not done, we are still worthy of love and belonging. We will do our best, knowing that every day the definition of "best" might look different. When one of our parts is upset, we will take a moment to give it the microphone to speak (and some loving attention, even if just for a few seconds) because we are one whole person and no part gets ignored or left behind.

Do the right things, in the right order.

To go from fractured to wholeness, you will need guidance. You can't do it alone. This I guarantee it. If you try to do it alone, it'll turn out like this: investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in social media ads when you don't have a brand. Investing $6,000 in a website when you don't have anything concrete to sell yet. Selling products when you don't know who your market is. Or creating a business when you don't know who you truly are.

Despair not, most if not all of us have done the right things, but just not in the RIGHT order. That can be rectified.


2. From Masks to Truth

Wearing masks as a way of life looks and sounds like: Yeuh, I eat hustle for breakfast. Look at me, look at me (please, I beg you), I got 30,000 Instagram followers (please don't hate me). I hope no one finds out I'm a fraud. Ugh, I have to go put on my fake eyelashes to record my video. What if someone finds out that my partner is paying for all bills even though my business "looks" successful.

Living from an authentic core looks and sounds like: Hi. This is me. As is. Period.

How are you prolonging your own suffering?

Can you discern the difference between your ego and your soul? Can you pinpoint which one is talking and when? Embracing soul maturation means summoning the courage to put down the masks, the stamina to endure the death of the ego, and the resilience to leave "home" and rise again after every fall. Along the soul maturation journey, every human being realizes at one point or another that your ego is the one, and the only one, prolonging YOUR OWN suffering.


3. From Conditioning to Peace

Conditioning looks like: If only I could figure out what else I could change about me, so I can fit in (and give myself the illusion of safety and belonging). Don't follow the masses. The M is silent.

Peace looks like: I am willing to shed all the layers of external conditioning that got piled on (for whatever reason), be myself no matter how much I must let go of, so that I live out the rest of my days as the true me. It's being free of others' criticism, your own internal criticism, knowing that you can relax as you.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

If you've read my stories and articles, you know that the number one touch stone that has kept me sane, brave, and inspired is my sisterhood tribe. "Body mover" friends I can call if I have a body and need help moving it. Example: My first webinar, I gave it from start to finish... with NO audio. My tribe helped me move the "dead body" of shame into its proper graveyard.


4. From Conformity to Alchemy

Default looks like: operating in a robotic mode (because that's how it's always been done), blindly following financial advice from poor people or taking relationship advice from unhappy people, doing what your parents want you to do instead of what you truly want to do, working for a paycheck that brings no passion or joy, or numbing self with <insert food/beverage/drug/social media/person of choice> to not feel the entire human spectrum of emotions.

Alchemy looks like taking all the ingredients of who you've been and are, setting it on fire, so to burn away all the false parts of you. Then from the ashes rising as the powerful phoenix you always were meant to be. Instead of roboting through life, you intentionally meld together aspects of your mind, body, heart and soul, to create wisdom and service to others. It's also about freeing yourself from cultural conditioning such as "I don't have time" and becoming the alchemist of your life.

Pull back to launch forward.

If you've ever rebranded, or changed email / payment systems, you know first hand the torturous pain of upgrading front-end website and back-end systems. Images, links, lists, sublists, permission access, logins, membership site, redirects, wild monkey and hyenas galore! This is an example of pulling back to launch forward. Just like in archery. It's messy and uncomfortable for a little while, like (I imagine) what sitting on a venus fly trap would fee like. But it's necessary.


5. From Exhaustion to Joy

"Exhaustive Doing" looks and sounds like this: ploughing fields like an ox, whipping self to go faster, working like a mad squirrel hoarding for doomsday (which is every day), depriving self of water and/or rest, and holding society's loud speaker phone to your ear while it shouts, "Why are you so f*cking slow and pathetic?"

Joy is carbonated holiness. It's the sunshine that plants need to grow. From this sun-drenched place, you'll do the things that make your soul come alive and outsource the things that make you feel heavy (or dead) inside. You rest and from a deeply rejuvenated place emerge your greatest ideas for products, services or contribution to the world. You prioritize spaciousness, so that you can discern the 20% of work that will produce 80% of your results, and let go of all the useless busyness. Doing is still in the equation, but it's an inspired, soul-aligned joyful doing.

What's your capacity for joy?

Joy is a very high frequency of vibration (EMF wave or photo emission). I used to have a tiny spoon to hold joy. Over the years, I've committed to shed so many layers of suffering from my emotional body, spiritual body, mental body and cellular body that now, I can hold a swimming pool of joy. Someday, I may even be able to hold an ocean of joy!

1,000 Reclamations for Freedom

💎  Reclaimed wholeness over fractured

💎  Reclaimed authentic core over masks

💎  Reclaimed originality over conformity

💎  Reclaimed intentionality over default

💎  Reclaimed joyful being over exhaustive doing

+5 reclamations

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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Ellany LeaAUTHOR • When Ellany said yes to freedompreneurship, she had no idea it'd turn into a spiritual quest of reclaiming the 1,000 pieces of her soul.