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I've recently been interviewed on a few podcasts and telesummits. The interviewer always asks me how I did it, how I attained exquisite freedom, which includes emotional freedom, intellectual freedom, location freedom, spiritual freedom, and financial freedom (which I continue to work on).

In less than 30 days, I'm taking my coaching practice on the road to 13 different countries, bringing my travel count to 60 countries by Spring 2016.

I could talk for 3 days straight about the "how" part. But when you only get 30-45min, I'm always compelled to talk about who we need to become, rather than what we need to do. And one interviewer asked: what are you most proud of? She caught me off guard.

I thought about it for a few minutes. It wasn't the six-figure business, it wasn't the globetrotting, it wasn't the certifications and accolades...



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It was the 12 achievements that trump financial freedom that I am most proud of.


1. Heartbreak

Experienced heartbreak after heartbreak (after heartbreak after heartbreak) and still love openly and wholeheartedly. Didn't shut down. Didn't get jaded.


2. Humanity

Faced, and continue to face my own humanity, my inability to be a robot. Continue to accept that I will never be able to be a titanium productivity machine, try as I may.


3. Self-Pride

Felt, actually felt in my bones, proud of myself without seeking or needing external validation. I welcome praise, but I no longer desperately need it.


4. Bye-bye Guilt

Released the guilt of not living up to the expectations of a perfect dutiful eldest son. Even when certain people try to press that trigger/button, nothing happens. Ella no longer asks, "how high?"


5. Bye-bye Manhood

Relinquished my one and only life-long mission to be the best man I can be, in a culture that worships baby boys and drowns baby girls.


6. Self-respect

Owning the relationship devastation caused by my having zero self-worth and zero self-respect. Oh the trail of broken hearts... mine included. I'm beyond apologetic.


7. Forgiveness

Forgave myself and my "failure" to be married with 2.5 kids AND retire my parents, all by my 25th birthday.


8. Cultural De-conditioning

Let go of my cultural conditioning that 1) I have to be poor to be good and 2) it's only worth having if it comes with pain and struggle.


9. Bye-bye Scarcity

Celebrated that in one lifetime, I put an end to 98 generations of my family's scarcity mentality and behavior.


10. Bye-bye Addiction

Released and continue to release with every passing day my addiction to pain, struggle and hardship.


11. Bye-bye Shrinking

Stopped shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around me.


12. Parenting

Accepted that my life's purpose is not to parent my parents, co-parent my siblings, be the husband/provider my mom never had and the wife/companion my dad never had.


Most Proud Of...

These are the 12 achievements that you may never read about in the New York Times or on my resumé, and they are the 12 that I am most proud of. Sometimes, my pursuit of financial freedom lead me to face and heal some of these issues. Sometimes, facing and healing these issues lead me to more financial freedom. And you? What are you most proud of in yourself that can't be calculated on a spreadsheet?


How many can you relate to?

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Thank you for being a lone nut, a leader, and a friend! <3

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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