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Every successful relationship is not 50/50. It's actually 100/100. Both parties need to show up fully, live brave fully and be authentic fully. Same is true in a coaching relationship. And to prepare my clients for such a quest of transformation and liberation, here are 15 commitments I ask of them:

1. Fill out weekly Pre-call Reflections one day before our scheduled session

2. Choose wisely where you invest your time, and with whom

3. Stop swirling in busyness and get down to business

4. Make time to be still and silent to see what emerges

5. Pay sharp attention to the stories that your mind loops on repeat

6. Remove all sources of stress or distractions, one at a time

7. Face fears, feel them, and take aligned action

8. Courageously spring clean your relationships, where needed

9. Experiment instead of stay stuck in analysis paralysis

10. Loosen your beliefs daily, so you can change them

11. Extract learning from whatever happens

12. Love and care for yourself

13. Gently unpack emotionally-charged issues with utmost self-compassion

14. Be honest at all times, with everyone you interact with, especially with yourself

15. Get the support you need outside of coaching/mentoring as needed (eg. accountant, lawyer, financial planner, marriage counsellor, child care, naturopath, massage therapist, etc.)

I demand a lot of my clients. Along the journey, should any of these commitments not be upheld, that's ok too. We've got a toolbox of 118 tools, alchemized from $100,000 invested in self-development and $100,000 invested in business development, to support you. We've got you. Book a Clarity Session to start the journey of total liberation!

1,000 Reclamations for Freedom

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With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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Ellany LeaAUTHOR • When Ellany said yes to freedompreneurship, she had no idea it'd turn into a spiritual quest of reclaiming the 1,000 pieces of her soul.