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Thought it would be fun to pay my downpayment in cash.  © Ellany Lea

Overachievers are multi-passionate and multi-talented. You start many projects and see them all to mind-blowing warp-speed completion. You travel, you read, and you never really fit in. Wealthy overachievers take success one step further to include balance.

Here are 25 qualities of wealthy overachievers.

1. You write everything down

You know the mind is fickle and you feel secure having recorded important thoughts, pieces of wisdom, and/or action items.

2. Your calendar is your secretary

The who, what, when, where, why, all of it goes into the calendar, color coded of course by importance. You also set 5min alerts to remind you of client calls.

3. You have a morning routine

Your morning starts at the same time, every day, regardless of weekends, and it usually includes water, a short meditation, a good stretch, a superfood smoothie, and a quick browse through your favourite blogs or social media. You prepare your day the night before.

4. You globetrot the world

Everything you do has global grandeur: your life vision, your business plan, your impact as a leader, your mission, your travels and even your home decor.

5. You believe in delayed gratification

You believe in putting in the upfront investment, research, time, work, and money for a lifetime of payoff down the road. You firmly stand by the long-term vision.

6. You practice self-discipline

There may be times when you don't feel like doing something, but you do it anyways, consistently and persistently. Slow and steady wins the race.

7. You surround yourself with positive and supportive people

You don't waste a minute with negative people who drag you down or criticise you. You know the difference between constructive critique and others' projection of their own inadequacy onto you.

8. You cultivate networks of successful people

You learn from your peers and form genuine relationships with people who are also successful, so that you lift each other as you all climb together.

9. You read a ton of self-development books

You've read Rich Dad Poor Dad, The 4-Hour Work Week, Think and Grow Rich and the Principles of Success. Most importantly, you've hand-picked the nuggest that resonate with you and leave the rest.

10. You implement what you read

You decide what resonates with you and follow through on your commitments. You see things through, all the way to the finish line. You chose wisely first, then don't give up until you've arrived.

11. You study multiple avenues of wealth creation

There are dozens of avenues to create wealth. You study them all and choose the 2-3 that resonate with you, that give your life meaning, and that align with your core values.

12. You lead multiple projects simultaneously

You are multi-passionate and multi-talented. You start and finish many projects concurrently. You have high capacity and high potential. You achieve anything you set your mind to.

13. You book lunch and dinner into your calendar

You know that your calendar is full, so you make sure to book an hour for lunch and dinner, so you nourish your body, which is attached to your brain, which does all your creative thinking and decision making.

14. You have a success team

You hire coaches, mentors, or teachers to support you when you get stuck, to guide you when you get lost, and to fast track your success when you lose momentum. You also love mastermind groups.

15. You have a support team

You delegate to experts what you don't want or don't know how to do. So your team includes accountants, bookkeepers, web developers, virtual assistants, and even wellness practitioners who look after your mind, body and spirit.

16. You over-deliver

Where most people under-promise and over-deliver, you over-promise and over-over-deliver. Not only do you over-over-deliver on results, you also over-over-deliver on the experience of a genuine relationship.

17. You finish one creative task in the morning

You shut off your e-mail and your phone and are masterful at eliminating distractions, so that your important creative task/project gets your undivided attention while you're still fresh and bright-eyed.

18. You check e-mail 3 times/day only

After your morning creative task, you check e-mail only 3 times/day. An e-mail gets:

  1. deleted
  2. replied to and deleted
  3. turned into a calendar item
  4. turned into a to-do item, or
  5. archived

There is no other option.

    19. You're Speedy Gonzales

    You know when it's time to put your head down and get 'er done! You have a talent for 1) eliminating insignificant tasks off your list, then 2) checking off whatever is left at warp-speed.

    20. You track your money

    You know exactly how much is coming in, how much is going out, how much you own and how much you owe. You have software that automates reports for you.

    21. You own your worth

    You know your self-worth and the value of your message. You speak and stand firmly in your truth, crisp and clear. You know you're not perfect and you do your best every day.

    22. You're a leader

    You're a visionary and a leader. You influence people and inspire them to become leaders in their own right.

    23. You stand out

    You've always been different. You've stopped trying to fit in. You know that it's your uniqueness, even quirkiness that makes you stand out and shine.

    24.You are a good receiver

    You're able to receive compliments with openess, a helping hand when it is offered, money when it flows your way, love when it is given, and opportunity when it knocks.

    25. You are humble

    You don't call yourself an overachiever. You assume that everyone achieves what you've achieved. You're humble about your achievements, even to your own detriment sometimes when you hide behind your own greatness. You're actively working on this last part.

    Now what? What's next?

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    With infinite grace,

    xo, Ella

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