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Overachievers can do anything and everything. Literally. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Why learn the intricacies of accounting when you can hire an accountant for $1,000, while acquiring a client who pays you $3,000.

Where is the line, when have you taken on too much, how do you know it's time to raise the little white flag and surrender to what's humanly possible?

Here are 25 traits of burnt out overachievers.

1. You love and hoard information

You have tons of journals, post-its, and notes from seminars and retreats, all over the place. And you stuff them, including all the action steps, into a drawer, hoping they'll grow into an apple tree.

2. Your calendar is maxed out

You're sooo busy all the time and you leave so little room between each appointment that you're always running late or apologizing for having to leave early.

3. You're your client's bitch

You jolt up, grab your phone, check e-mails, respond to client demands, down a few cups of coffee, get ready in a frenzy, and rush through your day. Your clients say jump and you say how high.

4. You travel for work

You travel because you have to, not because you can. You never thought it possible, but travel is starting to lose its appeal.

5. You're impatient

You used to believe in delayed gratification, but now you're just fed up and irritated that you're not getting the results you want. You're deflated that you're not where you thought you'd be in life.

6. You're a taskmaster

You do things. You lose sight of whether or not they're important, effective or aligned with your higher vision. You just do things to check them off your plate.

7. You feel alone

Yes, there are people around you who love you, but they're not supporting you the way you want or need to be supported. They don't know how or are unable to support you any further along your path.

8. You're the big fish

You look around you and realize that you're the biggest fish in the fish bowl. Your friends, colleagues or networks are not headed where you're going and they're even starting to drag you down.

9. You don't read anymore

You used to love cuddling up with a good self-development book or novel. Now you're reading contracts and airport menus.

10. You've forgetten what you learned

In the frenzy that is your business and life, you completely forget anything you've read or learned in the last year. You are human, you forget.

11. You're scattered

You have your foot in too many doors and you're being stretched too thin. Instead of mastering one avenue of wealth creation, you're a master-of-none in all avenues.

12. You drop the ball

You've got your hands in so many candy jars that you start dropping the ball. Your business also feels like a precarious house of cards.

13. You gain weight and dark circles

Your health hits rock bottom, your energy is low, but you still push through. You skimp off sleep to finish the multiple projects you've over-committed yourself to.

14. You're tight on money

In the turbulence of business development, your mindset has defaulted back to "must scrooge every penny" instead of the wealth mindset you you developed o "invest wisely for success."

15. You do everything yourself

You have tremendous capacity and potential. You can do anything, and everything. So you take on the world and lone wolf it all by yourself.

16. You're overwhelmed

You over-promised and now are stuck over-over-delivering. You run out of time and start beating yourself up, wondering how you ended up in this pickle.

17. You're a firefighter

You wake up and your brain is switched into firefighter mode. It is wired and zeroed in on putting out fires, usually other people's fires. Your phone is ringing all the time and constantly interrupting your work.

18. You check e-mail constantly

Even though you're not in a life or death industry, you check your e-mail constantly, under the illusion that you're on top of things.

19. You're a bullet train

You're a bullet train heading straight for Burnout-ville. You talk really fast, you zoom in and out of meetings, and can't remember the last time you went outside to play.

20. You lose sight of your money

You're doing busyness, not business. You caught a few opportunities but were too busy to reflect on them so you defaulted to saying yes to all of them and investing without calculating ROI.

21. You have an identity crisis

You've so closely linked your identity to achievement, that you're fooled into believing that if you don't achieve, then you're nobody.

22. You're stuck in your head

Instead of leading from the heart, from your higher vision and purpose, you're swirling in your head, driven by your ego/survival patterns and rules by your self-sabotaging gremlins.

23. Your intuition wanes

You used to be really good at reading a room and reading people. But your senses are starting to dull and you're a little off key with timing and appropriateness of your words and actions.

24.You're a giver

You give and give, then give some more. When there is nothing left to give, you still refuse to receive.

25. You are humble

Despite the whirlwind, you have a great heart, you have the best of intentions, whether they're delivered appropriately or not, and you are on the verge of surrendering to a whole new way... the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Now what? What's next?

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Thank you for being a lone nut, a leader, and a friend! <3

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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