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When I executed my 4th branding / website overhaul, I did a worldwide talent search. The top contenders were the creative agencies behind:

  1. Brené Brown's web presence (anything Brené I'm 1000% on board with!)
  2. Girl Gone International tribal marketing (global community 120,000+ strong)
  3. Many of my female entrepreneur network's web / brand redesign

After a conversation with each, this is how I knew Anne Scott (founder of Girl Gone International) and I were a match:

  • We had an hour long call.
  • We spent 57 minutes laughing at "me too" mistakes, talking about boys, and howling at the ridiculousness of who we are.
  • We spent 3 minutes getting down to business. All got sorted. Boom!

For 6,000€, I share with you the top 3 lessons I learned from creative genius, tribal marketing guru and branding strategist, Anne Scott.


Mallorca, Spain 2016 © Girl Gone International

1. Concise Message

Anne: Delete this entire section.

Me: But this is part of my growth journey, who I was, where I came from.

Anne: Delete this part too.

Me: But this was my very first product, the vulnerability and courage it took to even create it...

Anne: Delete this part as well.

Me: But it was the seed of my e-course and group programs.

Anne: Have you deleted all the parts I asked you to?

Me: No <sniff>.

Anne: You're fired.

Me: But, but, but... Ok, ok, ok, I'm sorry, they're deleted.

Anne: Are they, are they really deleted?

Me: No. But I unpublished them.

Anne: You're f.....

Me: Ok, ok, ok, they're deleted. Truly.

Never, have I ever met a force of nature able to tell me what to do and actually get me to do it. Kudos, Anne ;)

Branding is about making your message hyper concise and uniform across the board, even if it means slashing products, services and entire parts of a business. Ouch, but truly for my own good. Now my clients are no longer confused about what I do.


Iguazu Falls, Argentina 2016 © Ellany Lea

2. Digestible Content

Me: I'm excited to re-word my content. Have you had a look?

Anne: Yes, too many words. Strip it down.

Me: Which part?

Anne: All of it.

Me: Umm... How's this?

Anne: Too many words.

Me: How's this?

Anne: Strip it down.

Me: Did you even read the stripped down version?

Anne: No. Too many words. Lol!

Me: But there's not much left.

Anne: Good, strip it down.

Me: How's this?

Anne: Too many words.

Me: Wait a minute, are you just saying that? Lol! Have you actually read my updates?

Anne: No. Too many words. Just kidding. Yes, it's great. Now we can move on.

When it comes to content, less is not more, less is better. Trying to explain yourself super clearly has a reverse effect: it has a rambling effect, which confuses the reader.

You can't do marketing or copywriting alone. Even if you're a copywriter, business, life and the Universe just doesn't work that way. We need someone else to make sense of our thoughts.

We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.
– Brené Brown


3. Reach Consistency

Anne: How are your campaigns running?

Me: Umm... campaigns?

Anne: You know, strategically timed campaigns to increase your reach and brand recognition.

Me: Umm... is 'none' an answer?

Anne: <faints>

Me: <fans Anne until she wakes up>

Anne: Ok, let's start from the very beginning.

Me: Couldn't we start in the mid...?

Anne: No. Here. <hands me half a dozen creative campaigns and client journey funnels>

Me: So... you want me to implement all of these?

Anne: Yes.

Me: <faints>

Anne: I'm not fanning you.

Me: <opens one eye, sees that Anne is seriously not going to fan me, and pulls up big girl pants> I posted one picture on Instagram.

Anne: Good girl. Now do this every day for the rest of your life.

Me: <faints>

Anne: Lightweight. <hijacks all my social media passwords and doubles reach and engagement for me>

Me: <pretends to still be faint, so Anne can do the work for me>

Anne: I know you're awake. Lol!

Me: F*ck. Lol! <pulls up big girl pants again, does the work>

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

I already knew these 3 branding lessons, intellectually, in my head. I've been a digital marketing wiz since age 14 (remember 28.8k dial-up and Netscape 4.0?). Yet, I can't do my own branding. I can't see my own greatness.

These 3 lessons, I'm sure YOU know them too. But until they sink and land into your heart though laughter and sisterhood, you can't do your own branding or see your own greatness either.


Mallorca, Spain 2016 © Girl Gone International

To be in Anne's deeply empathetic and raw, yet powerful presence has been the privilege of a lifetime! I never knew that business building could be filled with such joy, laughter, shenanigans and fainting spells. Lol!

Before then, I'd never known the feeling of a powerhouse having my back. I'm usually the strong one, carrying the weight of everyone else on my shoulder. For that, I thank you to the moon and back, Anne!

Psst... Anne is elusive, many have tried to get access to her and are still trying. To skip the waiting list, fill out the "Book a Chat" form on our Roar to Riches Business & Mindset Accelerator. Whether you hire her 1:1 as I did or join our retreat this Fall, you too can tap into the same joy, laughter, and shenanigans, hopefully sans fainting spells.

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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