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I am multi-passionate and multi-talented. I don't just love everything, I'm good at everything. So how does someone like me survive this world filled with bright and shinny objects and over-stimulation?



Look at all those team awards!  National Robotic Games 2000 © Ellany Lea

One of my mentors, Jack Canfield, coined the term "Say no to the good, so you can say yes to the great." I live by this motto! It has helped me combat my restless saboteur and succeed financially in business. Sometimes, it meant making really difficult decisions, letting go of very emotionally charged issues, and saying goodbye to good people who are not great to/for me.

Here they are the 4 indirect habits that make you an A+ entrepreneur.


1. Stop cleaning the windows

I love cleaning. I love being organized. I love a space that is fresh, bright, and peaceful. Instead of blogging and recording my e-courses, I have the compulsion to clean the windows. I just cleaned them. And I want to clean them again. Argh. Solution: remind myself constantly that the freedom of all woman kind is more important than my windows. :P


2. Spring clean friends... continuously

One of the hardest and most painful lessons I've ever learned (three times over, because apparently twice wasn't painful enough) is that not everyone deserves my kindness. I've lost friends, many actually, because they were envious of my success. My success doesn't take away from their success. They can use mine to uplift or inspire themselves or even ride the wave of my success by collaborating with me.

Instead, they chose (consciously or not) to keep themselves small and point the finger, because finger pointing is easier than doing the self-work and achieving one's own success. My leadership mentor taught me, "You must love everyone, but you don't have to like everyone." This touched me profoundly: I deeply love and respect every person, but I don't have to let them steal and/or abuse my kindness or even be friends with them.


3. Delete old e-mails and folders

I didn't realize the magic of deleting an entire folder of emails, hundreds and hundreds of emails, related to an old failed business. Once I did it, it's like I cut out the cancer from a human body! I had more spring in my step, more lightness in my heart, and an unexpected flood of money from my coaching business. Do it! You'll surprise yourself too.


4. Donate old clothes and old stuff

I shop once a year in NYC. I put an empty suitcase inside a bigger empty suitcase. I depart home with 6kg and come back with 45.9 kg. But once in a while, I find one or two pieces of clothing that require a special bra or a special belt and I donate it immediately. If it requires additional effort, I won't wear it, so stop wasting my closet space! Get rid of stuff, you'll feel 10 years younger and won't even remember what you threw away or donated in a month's time.


My One New Habit

The one new habit I want to develop in 2015 is to spend 60% of my time playing, laughing, resting, and doing nothing. For someone who has lived/worked/studied in 40+ countries and amassed 40+ scholarships, yeah... good luck Ella!

This post is part of Natalie's 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge. Join us, it builds momentum and daily habit muscles! Here is Day 6.


What now?

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  • Share in the comments what ONE habit do you want to get rid of?

Thank you for being a lone nut, a leader, and a friend! <3

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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