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I've often been asked by clients, "how are you so zen with your business?", while my quirky dark-humored clients ask, "why are you so f***ing happy all the time?" Lol!

It all comes down to finding the "it" factor in your business. You know, the "it" you jump out of bed in the morning for,

  • the "it" you can see yourself working passionately on for the rest of your life,
  • the "it" that you can't imagine your life without,
  • the "it" that fulfills you deep to your soul's core,
  • the "it" that you'd do even if you weren't paid for it, and
  • the "it" you'd continue to do even when you're financially free.





And time and time again, I see clients struggle against the current to make their business work, because it was missing one (or several) of these critical ingredients for preventing business burnout. If their business doesn't fizzle into smoke, then they do. And they are forever scared by entrepreneurship as a struggle and a losing battle.

Being stubborn, wanting to prove to the world that I could figure everything out by myself, and having waited far too long to hire a business mentor, I fell victim to business burnout... thrice... and personal burnout... twice. Hmm, I think 5 times the charm :S

So to help you ensure you have the "it" factor in your business so that it doesn't fizzle out, here are 5 critical ingredients for preventing business burnout:



1. Love

Are you in love with the service/product that you provide? Are you excited to talk to everyone and their dog about what you have to offer? Do you squeal with delight when you receive a testimonial from a client/customer because you've made their world better? Does this work feel like it's calling you? Would you do this work even if you weren't paid for it? If you answered yes, then you have love.



2. Talent

Are you talented at what you do? Disclaimer #1: any talent can be learned. Does your line of work come easy to you? Do you naturally have strengths and skills in your area of work? Disclaimer #2: any skill can be acquired. Do you feel in the zone when doing this work? If you answered yes, then you have talent.



3. Profit

Are you sick and tired of being a poor starving artist/aid-worker/healer? Is your business lucrative? Does your business model have unlimited earning potential? Is your business able to generate residual income for you? Can you duplicate yourself via e-products or support staff? Does your business feed your lifestyle (or are you earning money elsewhere to keep this business afloat)? If you answered yes, then you have profitability.



4. Need

My life motto is to buy experiences, not things. So does your business meaningfully solve a common problem for people? Did you create your service/product because the world truly needs it (or because you happen to be good at something and want to make money off of it)? Does your business set people free? If you answered yes, then you have what the world needs.



5. Sustain

Can you see yourself doing this work forever? Would you stay involved with this work even if you were financially free? Can your business sustain itself if you stepped away for a while? In the long-term, does your business model support the lifestyle you want (rather than siphon from your lifestyle)? If you answered yes, then you have sustainability.



Now what? What's next?

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  • Share in the comments which ingredients you already have

Thank you for being a lone nut, a leader, and a friend! <3

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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