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You've all felt "the Zone". When you're in it, time stands still for you, while it flies for the rest of the world. You're in a bubble, wrapped in white noise or utter silence, and your creativity and productivity shoots through the roof. You even forget to eat, sleep, or blink.

I love it when I'm in the zone. And over the last decade, I've experimented with all sorts of apps, techniques, widgets and gadgets to get into the zone as quickly as possible, sans drugs or alchohol, lol!



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It turns out all the apps, techniques, widgets and gadgets don't compare to these 5 simplest ways to remove distractions and find your zone.



1. Turn everything off

Haha, how funny, I wrote about this yesterday, not knowing that it would be the topic for today's challenge. Clairvoyant!

Here it is again: Turn everything off! During my creative and program development time, I turn off e-mail and phone. Actually, now that I think of it, everything is always turned off.

I check my e-mail at 10a, 1p, 4p. And sometimes 8p if I'm in the middle of a program launch.

With my phone, all notifications are turned off, except for calls and text (duh!). My coaching calls are pre-scheduled and I basically use my phone like an answering machine. I'll call you back when it's a good time for me. And I expect you to call me back when it's a good time for you.



2. Desk-in-a-box

Put everything, and I mean, everything that's on or near your desk in a big box. All of it. And put that box in a storage locker or hard-to-access place. I bet you that 95% of what you placed into that box will never come out. You'll never need that stuff.

You'll get creative and resourceful at getting that information (ideally, digitally and paperless-ly) because it's too much of a pain to go fetch that box.



3. Declutter your visual field

I've got a few Feng Shui friends and though I'm not a purist, I do believe that your living environment is a reflection of your inner mind. So what's in your 180 visual field? Junk? Piles of stuff? Ugly old posters? Or a gorgeous mountain/ocean view, inspirational visionboards and post-its with words of affirmation?



4. Declutter your auditory field

Extroverted entrepreneurs prefer the hustle-bustle of a coffee shop. Introverted entrepreneurs prefer the serenity of a library. Declutter the stimulation that you're ears receive. If you're home or neighborhood is under construction, don't stay there and subject yourself to jack-hammering!

Remember, while most of us are familiar with overwhelm, underwhelm is equally stressful. So if it's too quiet, you might be stressed and drained. If the music is too loud, you might be stress and drained. Find your middle point.



5. Slap on the wrist

My compulsion, at any one time, is to organize and clean. Lol! It's part of me, I've learned to accept it, and even love it. Whenever I'm further developing my programs or online marketing and the urge to clean comes up, I slap myself on the back of the hand (a few times). It's like the age-old elastic band on the wrist when a smoker is trying to quit smoking.

Just stop it, Ella! Would you rather A) reach more women overachievers and transform their lives or B) clean the windows. Truthfully, I would rather B). But what's more meaningful? Well, duh A). Alright, alright, A) it is :P



The fear of losing friends and the fear of...

In the end, so much of the distractions we impose on our own lives are driven by the fear of losing friends. What if they think poorly of me? What if they de-friend me? What if I lose clients if I don't respond asap? What if I don't get invited to the next event? What if they think I don't care enough? What if I'm not reciprocating enough? What if I am not on top of my game enough? What if I am not enough?

This post is part of Natalie's 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge. Join us, it builds momentum and daily habit muscles! Here is Day 4.



What now?

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Thank you for being a lone nut, a leader, and a friend! <3

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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