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Meet Luna Vega

She helps businesses find their strength. She is a liberator.

false advice being taught in her industry?

False notion that social media "fame" = clients. You can start getting clients without being a social media whore.

hardest part about being a trailblazer?

You must have complete faith in what you do. The doubts will always surface but you need to let them go.

May 14, 2018

Each morning, I receive an email with 22 random entries from my daily gratitude journal, dating back to 1999. I've shared these 22,000+ nuggets of wisdom and hilarity with select soul sisters. Now, you are one too.

March 18, 2018

52 moons ago...
Felt sooo good walking out of X having helped train people who are appreciative of my work, talent and training. Just put people in front of me and I'll do an amazing job of coaching, training and mentoring them. And pay me lots to do it too.
[Commentary: Hehehe, that dream has come true. And it didn't even take 52 moons for it to come true.]

Meet Eva Gregory

Eva co-creates enlightened business success systems that liberate spiritual entrepreneurs from chaos to clarity and cash flow. She is a liberator.

One of the Hardest Moments of Her Life

For over five years, the company that my life partner, Robin, and I ran was struggling to the point where we were laying off folks left and right and unable to meet payroll for those who were left. Robin and I were not paying ourselves, in order to do what we could for our remaining employees. We had creditors after us, personally and in the business. Employees were stressed out, tension was high. And if our landlord had decided to evict us from our home, we didn't have the money to move out. It was very grim. [...]

What used to terrify her?

That my parents' money struggles would carry over to me. I overcame it by realizing I'm not my parents. And "if it's to be, it's up to me."

What does She need to do less of in Her business?

Getting caught up in Shiny Object Syndrome and the next new thing.

Hardest part about being a trailblazer?

Not having something that is so important to me, my spirituality and Inner Guidance, be taken seriously by some.

Meet Tara Stephenson

Tara co-creates healthy and loving communities that liberate humanity's dreams and identity. She is a liberator.

F*ck this shit moment

I have had an insane amount of visa trouble while living in Spain. I have had 4 lawyers and have been working over 4 years to make things right. I currently have a lawsuit but have never felt like I was going to fight it to that point. Instead, I have had a change of direction and am currently looking into visas in Ireland! It is time to turn a page and know when enough is enough.

How did she overcome her fear of selling?

I have a talent and a message and they are worth it.

False advice being taught in her industry

When you get what you want or accomplish your vision, you are fulfilled. The truth is, to me, fulfillment comes from knowing God and who I am.

Hardest part about being a trailblazer?

For me it's not about sharing the vision, but finding the right people to help continue the vision.

Meet Neeru Sharma

Neeru creates expeditions that liberates the passion and potential of global change makers. She is a liberator.

F*ck this shit moment

I was in a leadership position and found myself being pulled backwards by office politics. I quit on a conference call and I was done.

false advice being taught in her industry?

Online marketing sells coaching. (For my industry deep relationships always create business.)

With infinite grace, freedom on!

xo, Ella

Ellany LeaAUTHOR • Hi! I'm Ella, founder of Guide to Grace. I invite you to join us for an exquisite freedom at the intersection of: entrepreneurship, enlightenment, and enchantment.
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