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As entrepreneurs grow and evolve their business, the enlightened ones inevitably wake up to the fact that they are their business. They can't remember the last time they had a truly unplugged, uninterrupted, no business-on-the-brain, month-long vacation.

When that lightning strikes, they decide to transition from running their business to owning their business. Therefore, they seek business assets that generate income whether they're working or not and they want location independence.

Here are 8 apps that location independent entrepreneurs use.

1. Ring Central

For communication. Ring Central is a VoIP virtual phone system that gives you a business phone number, a teleconference number for up to 1,000 participants (with local dial-in numbers for international clients), call routing capabilities, and apps for smart phones and tablets.

Best of all, NO long distance or roaming surcharges! My regular mobile phone bill is $75/month. Ring Central is only $45/month, bargain!

2. Google Drive / Google Docs

For file storage/exchange. Google Drive / Google Docs allows you to store all your documents in the cloud, so they are secure, easily shareable (no more "I'll send it to you when I get back to my desk" delays), retrievable from any smart phone or tablet, and synchronized across all devices.

Best of all, it's either free or $5/month and handy for sharing large files. If I can't afford $5/month, then I have no business being in business!

3. Wave Accounting

For accounting / invoicing. Wave Accounting automatically pulls statements from online bank accounts, so you (or your bookkeeper) can organize them into tidy categories and easily cross-references with your invoices. By making things easier on yourself/your bookkeeper, you save tons of time. Receipts in a shoebox is so 2013 ;)

Best of all, it's free, and I can give my accountant temporary access to pull accounting reports and file my business taxes.

4. Kindle / Audible

For reading. Location independent entrepreneurs travel light. They know that other than furniture and metalic objects, books are the next heaviest thing. So they read e-books on Kindle and listen to audiobooks on Audible.

Best of all, if you don't like your book, Kindle (within 14 days) and Audible (within 90 days) allow you to return it.

5. Picassa

For photo management. If location independent coaches have a successful blog, they've learned the value of visual media. The best kind of visual media are your own photos, rather than stock photography. I use stock photography sometimes, but my audience prefers a peek into my private collection.

Best of all, I can tag photos with categories, comments, or even flag which ones I've already used in my previous blogs.

6. Facebook / Twitter

For communication and connection. Whichever social media app you use, use it because it builds and cultivates relationship and connection. Whether it's to showcase your travel photos, update your friends on the latest happenings, or simply be inspired by daily motivational quotes, use it because it serves you not because you're a slave to it.

Best of all, I'm in touch and up to date with friends I haven't seen for a decade and a half!

7. AirBnB

For a home away from home. I love AirBnB! I've been a host and a guest, and it's THE most brilliant idea since sliced bread. Why stay in a hotel, when I can stay in someone's home (usually, I rent out their entire home), have access to all appliances (including washer/dryer), flow some money into their pockects and flow some money into mine?

Best of all, AirBnB comes with (last I checked) $90,000 dammage insurance for hosts and 24/7 customer support for guests.

8. KeyCafe

For key management. Although KeyCafe isn't global yet, I love using it's secure key pick-up/drop-off service for managing my home/keys remotely. Whether it's to let a friend crash at my place while I'm away or let in my housekeeper, it's a few simple clicks to make the magic happen.

Best of all, no more need to beg for favors from busy friends/family, who have their own lives to live.


Now what? What's next?

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Thank you for being a lone nut, a leader, and a friend! <3

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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