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(...cont'd from 8 Business Regrets that Chap my Ass • Part 1)


5. I Should have done the right things, in the right order

Please don't beat yourself up about this one. We've all done it. Look at me:

  • I filed massive amounts of paper work to incorporate my business when I had no idea what it was even about. [Oh, god.]
  • I hired a lawyer to file for Intellectual Property when I didn't have a brand or any content to file rights for. [Oy, it hurts to remember this.]
  • Paying for Facebook ads for... nothing. I had nothing to give away, no opt-in, no funnel. So I paid a real person to make ads that promoted absolutely nothing. [Omg, now it's starting to hurt.]

I could go on...


6. I Should have invested less in apps, more in me

There's a concept I love: beach before sand. When I started, I wasted sooo much time dissecting each app (grain of sand), so I could set up a sleek, self-selling machine that I completely forgot the bigger picture (the beach). Do I even need this app?

More so, am I even in the right industry? Do I even want to be an entrepreneur? Had I asked those questions, I would have realized that I'm on the wrong beach and wasting time/energy on the wrong grains of sand. Ugh.

Everything changed when I put down all the apps / grains of sand and started investing massively in me.


Dune 45, Namibia 2005 © Ellany Lea

7. I Should have stopped fooling myself earlier

I was so cute / stubborn / foolish / naive to think that I could self-actualize my life's purpose on my own.

Given that I spent 30 years trying to become the best man I could be, I was conditioned to fix my own problems. I see a nail, I hammer it. Boom! But what happens when you became the nail? What happens when you horse whip yourself to produce, produce, produce results? Beat. Pound. Hammer. Beat. Pound. Hammer. Beat. Pound. Hammer.

It was only with the love and guidance of coaches, a counsellor, a psychotherapist, mentors, and healers (you name them, I've had them all) that I put the hammer down.


8. Should have left him sooner

You won't be the first or last women entrepreneur to feel like you constantly have to choose between love and business.

I so vividly remember the day I realized why all the daily nutrition, chiropactic care, reiki, acupuncture, and naturopathic medicine wasn't working to increase my energy levels. This ex-boyfriend was plugging into me every night to recharge his ego. As he whistled off to work every morning, I lay in bed completely drained and useless for the rest of the day.

Six days after I left him, my energy exploded in every direction and I had to go paddle-boarding and take 2 hour long walks to burn off all the energy! Raaaaaadiant!! Beeeeeaming!!! All that health care couldn't make up for his drain.

Damn. Should have left him sooner.


The paradox of regret

Alas, the paradox of regret: it's a bitch, but it's the best teacher you'll ever have!

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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