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I see so clearly when a woman entrepreneur is chasing her own tail, spinning in circles, doing things that aren't useful and avoiding the things that are.

The obvious traits are:

1. Frantic intense energy shooting in every direction

  • Impact on self: lack of positive response, no of out-of-the-gate wins, demoralized <-- Been there, done that!
  • Impact on others: they lean away, avoid, or don't reply to her. They can't don't know if she's comin' or goin'.

2. "If no one wants to play with me, I'll do it myself" attitude

  • Impact on self: increased isolation, even less wins <-- Been there, done that!
  • Impact on others: they feel like she's fallen off the face of the Earth

3. Drastic slashing down on food, haircuts, simple pleasures

  • Impact on self: deeper scarcity, increased brutality toward self <-- Been there, done that!
  • Impact on others: they feel disconnected as if they were losing her


Regrets are teachers that you love/hate

Yes, regrets are great teachers, but you they can still chap your ass! Here are 8 business regrets that I cannot go back in time to change, but that I hope will accelerate your journey.


1. I Should have hire a coach who is ALSO a mentor

I started out with a coach. She was great, we coached on topics of vulnerability and courage when it came to my web presence. I felt so good after, I thought I finally had everything figured out.

But she never mentioned that Web Presence was Step 11 in the business building cycle. She wasn't a mentor, she hadn't walked the entrepreneurial path I wanted to be on. She couldn't tell me that I was doing the right things, but in the wrong order! She didn't know that I was missing 10 steps :(


Santorini, Greece 2014 © Ellany Lea

2. I Should have mastered one single social media platform

When I didn't know better, I claimed my username on EVERY social media platform (Step 13), in case someone would steal them from me (<-- note the scarcity thinking!). C'mon, admit it, you've done it too ;)

I was running Facebook Page, Facebook Profile, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn, all at the same time. None of them worked.

I mean, I hated Twitter. I was never on LinkedIn. My ideal client (Step 4) doesn't even know about Pinterest. The frustration diluted my fondness for Facebook, no wonder nothing worked!!!

Don't always follow the masses. Sometimes the 'm' is silent.

3. I Shouldn't have hoarded so much free stuff

Like me, you've likely signed up for six tons of free stuff: e-books, webinars, e-courses, and apps in hopes that all this free information will make you rich. And then you got completely overwhelmed and felt like a failure. Am I right?

Hoarding is a closing energy. The more you hoard (information, your savings, your contacts), the more you close yourself off to the richness that is right there for you to claim.

As soon as you invest in the right tools, mentors and support team, your client will invest in their dreams through you, your products and/or your services. Like attracts like.


4. I shouldn't have followed the masses

I had some amazing girlfriends when I started as an entrepreneur. But none of them knew anything about entrepreneurship. When things went wrong in business, though they tried their best to support me, they couldn't help. I got frustrated. They got frustrated. I got frustrated.

It was the blind leading the blind! I wish I had known then that it was ok to grow apart. In fact, it was necessary. It was always in the cards. We didn't break up or anything, we just drifted apart. And that's ok.

Now I have entrepreneurial girlfriends who get it and we can support each other. Sooo much better!


(... to be cont'd)

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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