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In a previous blog, I wrote about the 9 steps to upgrade and re-invent your business, career and self. In short, you shuffle the position, industry and vehicle you want. You may have to downgrade one temporarily to upgrade another, but in the end, if you're determined, you'll get everything you want and then some!

Leap and the net will appear. Then, I get asked what triggers motivated me to take these daring leaps of faith. I live by a philosphy of: leap and the net will appear. Some think it unwise... Most people I knew thought it reckless. But I am I living my life for "most people" or am I living it for me?

Looking back <insert big sigh>, my biggest motivators were pain driven ones. By sharing these internal motivators and eerrrhh screaching hand break moments of fear and doubt, let's turn all our "should's" to resounding yes's!

Upgrades Motivators Eerrrhh, hand break moment...
Upgrade #1
  • Boredom
  • Inability to get out of bed in the morning
  • Coworkers: old farts who eat at the their desks and treat me like a secretary
  • 2 weeks of vacation/year
  • 3 weeks of vacation/year after 10 (yeah TEN) years of service
Am I really going to throw away 9 years of blood, sweat, tears, education, training, and specialization to be happy? ... Hell Yes!
Upgrade #2
  • Quarter life crisis
  • Deep desire for freedom
  • Urgent need to like the work I do
  • Desire to be in an industry that truly matters to me
Am I really going to throw away a lucrative business that I'm hyper talented at to do good in the world? ... Hell Yes!
Upgrade #3
  • Identified areas of technology that bore me to tears
  • Field work in rural locations with limited internet and electricity = not the best use of my talents
  • Desire to have a greater impact from international headquarters
Am I really going to leave meaningful, hands-on, and much needed field missions to upgrade my personal quality of life? ... Hell Yes!
Upgrade #4
  • Disgust that my boss (dumber than me and takes credit for all my work) gets paid 1.7 times more than me
  • Desire to reclaim my freedom
  • Desire to be paid for results, not for hours sat at a desk
Am I really going to give up a prestigious, coveted and secure position after all the effort it took to get it to follow my heart? ... Hell Yes!
Upgrade #5
  • Humanitarian aid = overun by scarcity: never enough money, never enough staff, never enough ink in the printer...
  • Development agencies = massive bureaucratic cogs that don't embrace change
  • Why are my clients all rich, but fat, divorced, with kids who hate them?
Am I really going to give up a high profile, high status, high income business for more holistic balance in my life? ... Hell Yes!
Upgrade #6
  • Running out of answers for my clients = need to upgrade from consultant to coach
  • Desire to empower clients to find their own answers
  • Tired of doing the work for my clients
Am I really going to give up a continuous and abundant supply of consulting clients for more fulfillment and empowerment? ... Hell Yes!
Upgrade #7
  • Keen awareness that every slice of life is connected to the other
  • Business coaching is ineffective if the rest of the client's life is in shambles
Am I really going to give up a niche that I excel at when all my coaches and mentors advised me to the contrary? ... Hell Yes!
Upgrade #8
  • Health practitioners fear money, are not investment minded, and are too slow to work with
  • Tired of convincing
  • Finally done hidding from my true talent: wealth cultivation and accumulation
Am I really going to open myself up to "who do you think you are?" and make a name in an industry where I'm disadvantaged by my gender, skin color, age, introversion, personality and upbringing? ... Hell Yes!



Now what? What's next?

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    Thank you for being a lone nut, a leader, and a friend! <3

    With infinite grace,

    xo, Ella

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