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Do you ever feel like you drew the short straw in life? Too shy, too big, too different, too weird, too this, too that? I did. How is it that I drew every possible short straw when it comes to success traits of an entrepreneur?

How do you succeed when you feel like a 8th class citizen (6 class below 2nd class citizens)? No amount of business strategies or marketing tactics helped me succeed as an entrepreneur.

I first needed to break these 8 shackles before I could succeed as an entrepreneur.


1. I am a woman

I am a woman born into an Asian culture that worships boys (aka little emperors) and drowns baby girls. I am also born into a North American society dominated by men, with women as their secretaries. I've felt like a 2nd class citizen my whole life.


2. I am a banana

I am a banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) born into a neighbourhood, school, profession and world dominated by whites. I am usually the one token Asian, belonging neither here, nor there. My parents being immigrants, we were definitely 3rd class citizens.


3. I am young

I am 15-20 years younger than the average wealth coach, in a personal success industry catered to white middle-aged male Americans. In a world that blindly correlates wisdom with birth year, that puts me at 4th class citizen.


4. I am an introvert

I am a quiet insightful introvert (recharges by being alone), born into a society biased toward rah-rah-rah extroverts (recharges by being with others). I forced myself to become a loud extrovert, but completely lost my identity along the way. Because I don't talk incessantly, that makes me a 5th class citizen.


5. I have zero entrepreneurial DNA

I am born with zero (more like -10) entrepreneurial DNA in my family. How I wish I had a business savvy parent or grandparent who whispered entrepreneurial gems into my ear... And without connections in high places, I think we're down to 6th class citizen.

It's not about the cards you're dealt, but how you play the hand.
– Randy Pausch

6. I am a scanner

I am a scanner, a multi-passionate and multi-talented person, who doesn't fit into one professional silo. After the constant bombardment of why do you keep doing 50 different things?, what's wrong with you?, where are you off to again?, why can't you sit still?, my broken spirit feels like a 7th class citizen.


7. I am the silver spoon

I wasn't born with a silver spoon. I was the silver spoon. It took 11 years of blood, sweat, and tears to pay my own way through university, put a down-payment on my parents' townhouse, buy them a car, buy my own home, and even travel 40+ countries! No inheritance, no trust fund, no court/divorce settlement, and no financial gift. I guess 8th class citizens don't have rich husbands to pay their bills either.


8. I am a failure

As a child of Asian immigrant parents, you have 4 choices in life: 1) doctor, 2) lawyer, 3) accountant, or 4) failure. Make your choice. I am none of the first 3 and until this day, my dad still wonders when I'll get a real job. So I guess I fall into option 4) failure, so 9th class citizen it is!


You can unShackle!

Today, I've lived, worked and volunteered in 40+ countries, coaching overachieving women entrepreneurs and leaders around the world on how to reclaim a life their freedom. If I can do it, YOU can do it!!

You have no excuse! You can unshackle inner stories of victimhood. Question is: will you?

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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