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Summer’s here, with beach days and barbecues! Beware, your avoider saboteur will take this opportunity to convince you that business deserves the summer off too!

Yes, rest. Yes, go outside and get sunshine and vitamin D. And, remember your purpose, your legacy, so you don't kick yourself in Autumn for having let months go by while your business lay dormant.


1. Plan your Autumn Launch

When September back-to-school rolls around, everyone is "heads down" and back to work. Get ahead of the pack by using the summer to plan the launch of a new or improved product / service.

This is a great time for behind-the-scenes work: recording, video editing, etc. That way, you're ready to go when Autumn rolls around, while others are just getting started.


2. Be Generous

There's a natural lull in the summer. People want to travel and enjoy the weather. So I use this time to offer scholarships to young ladies for my VIP and advanced training programs. It's a great time to be generous and pay it forward!


3. Exercise your Joy Muscles

When my coach asked me, "What's your capacity for joy?" I didn't have an answer. It took weeks and weeks of coaching to accept that I have zero capacity for joy. I had no idea joy was a muscle and mine had atrophied.

This was a huge turning point in my business. Slow and steady, embryo steps at a time (because even baby steps were too daunthing), I practiced sleeping in, self-care morning ritual, taking baths instead of showers. Take summer to exercise your joy muscles!


4. Let Go of your Victim Stories

Let go of any limiting beliefs you tell yourself, like "I'm not creative enough. I'm an introvert, I'm not loud enough. I'm not from the right city. I don't have the right skin color." All those stories have gotta go!

Use the sunshine and sizzling barbecues to burn away those thoughts and rewrite new ones. If you're gonna make shit up about why you can't do something, you might as well put that imagination to good use and make up stories of what you can do.


5. Upgrade Your Systems

Do housekeeping and upgrade your online systems. Is your sales process automated? Does the client have a smooth, memorable enrollment experience?

My calendars are synch'ed to my online scheduler. My accounting software is synch'ed to my bank accounts. My opt-ins are synch'ed to my mailing list. No more manual spreadsheets!


6. repackage your Products / Services

Re-purpose existing products / services into new packages and test sell them at higher prices. For example, I have a 15-step e-course for $1,000, but I also sell each module separately for $100, which makes $1,500. A client who is confident in most of the skills might just want to buy a modules.

Also, by including this e-course into my 1-on-1 coaching program, I increase the latter by $400. I haven't to create anything from scratch, just bundle a few existing products / services. Easy!


7. Go Location-Independent

How much paper can you get rid of? How much stuff can you digitize? I like to ask my clients, “If you were given a chance to take a $1,000,000 dream trip around the world, but you had two hours to pack and take your business with you, could you?”

Get as close to “yes” as possible. Go paperless, scan everything, shred stuff, and set up call forwarding on RingCentral or Google Voice so you can be reached via Wifi from anywhere in the world.


8. Find a Work Wife

Find a women you can text anytime of day to say, “I'm about to do something brave. I'm about to shit in my pants." And she'll text back, "Awesome! We'll wash your pants after you've done it :*"

A “work wife” is someone to brainstorm and celebrate your business with. Take the time to describe and visualize your ideal work wife: How much time would you spend together? When would you call each other? How does she make you feel championed?


These are 8 light tips to keep business humming, as you enjoy summer fun with friends!

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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