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86 Reasons to Become a Freedompreneur (Part 1)
86 Reasons to Become a Freedompreneur (Part 2)

May these reasons and reminders re-inspire and re-connect you to why you embarked on this freedom quest in the first place.


Time Reasons

42. Honoring of my circadian rhythm for ideal work day: no more alarm clock, creative white space blocked for most creative time of the day, clients bundled only in the afternoon

43. Honoring of weekly needs and life circumstances: weekends may be your most productive times and certain weekdays are then your relaxation time

44. Honoring of soul work seasons: there will be seasons of intense creativity, others of hibernation, you get to flow with instead of against them

45. Flow with the 4 seasons: you can work more intensely in Spring, the entire summer off, dive back in during Autumn or reconfigure however you like

46. More hours in a day: when you're in the zone, working on what you love and are talented at, time slows down and there is more of it

47. Availability for family and friends: from child care to elderly care or visiting a bestie in the hospital, you have the flexibility to look after those you care for (remember though: just because you can doesn't mean you should, so just because you have the flexibility, doesn't mean you should spend 24/7 rescuing everyone else, and completely ignoring your business)

48. Respecting your own growth rate: some approach business like the hare (intense, and full on), others approach it like the tortoise (slow and steady win the race), some use a combo approach, whatever your own rate if growth is, you get to abide by that, no one else gets to dictate that.


People Reasons

49. Outcomes commensurate with focus, not "deals": success depends on your discipline and attention, not on being chums with the boss

50. Option to outsource work: if it's not your joy or zone of genius, delegate it to someone else! (I once posted a job ad on and had 48 proposals within 24 hours! Finding the right support person/team is like dating. But once found, I loved not having to do the crap I hated. No more dread nor procrastination, just freedom!)

51. Freedom from dread and procrastination: if dreading a task, hire someone more talented than you to do it

52. Freedom from bureaucracy, office politics, unproductive meetings about meetings or paper pushing

53. Security of knowing you can't get fired or "restructured": you're the boss!

54. Power to let misaligned or underperforming team members go: again, you're the boss

55. Hand select your clients and customers, 56. partners, and 57. mentors (from a global pool of brilliant minds to inspiring hearts)

58. Naturally attractive: fulfilled, purposeful and joy-filled people attract much more effortlessly the partners and opportunities they seek

Businesses are spending all this money on this place called the office, and they're making people go to it all the time, yet people don't do work in the office.
– Jason Fried

Intangible Reasons

59. Increased productivity: when a team is task or results based, a lot less time is wasted on chit-chat, meetings and meetings about meetings

60. Deep meaning that drives the ship: when there is deep meaning, work goes from sluggish and torturous to playful and effortless flow

61. Sense of authority and significance: having control means no longer being a tiny cog in a monstrous factory machine

62. Focus on purpose: unlike other crazed enterprises solely focused on the bottom line, you can focus on a purposeful movement / revolution)

63. High actualization of your potential: other than raising conscious children, there is nothing more fulfilling than to turn your most inner purpose into creative ideas into physical products/services in service of others

64. Ability to create quiet white space for creativity: it's hard to be powerfully creative in the hustle and bustle of an office

65. Freedom from guilt: entrepreneurs feel so knee deep responsible for their team that every extra 30min they take for themselves feels selfish, not the case for freedompreneurs who have passed the baton to a trustworthy team

66. Fulfillment in the now: no more waiting for 65 or retirement to start living and enjoying life, a solid freedompreneurship business can give you life now

67. Joy fueled energy: as a freedompreneur who is on purpose, joy creates a huge reserve of energy "magically" out of nowhere

As a Solopreneur

  • 80hr work week
  • Productivity: 60%
  • Fulfillment level: 5/10
  • Energy level after work: 1/10

As A Freedompreneur

  • 20hr work week
  • Productive: 100%
  • Fulfillment level: 10/10
  • Energy level after work: 8/10

68. Freedom from regret: you'll never wonder if you unleashed your greatest potential

69. Choice to run a values based business: the driving compass of your business are your top 2 values, not just the bottom line or what the "cool kids" are doing

70. Freedom from victimhood: the circumstances that you're not content with aren't being done to you when you take charge of your life and embark on the quest of freedompreneurship

71. Belong to the future: as more and more freedom seekers awaken and take their future and fulfillment into their own hands, belong to an inspiring of change makers

72. Opportunity for embodied non-conformity: you've never fit into the mold, freedompreneurship is your change to live that truth into your bones

73. Greatest fears conquered: freedompreneurship is not an easy quest, but it's one of the best ways to see how strong you really are

74. Play as a pathway to success: you no longer have to whip yourself like an ox plowing a field, you can use exploration and play to realize a dream

75. Privacy and recovery space: when free to work your way, there's space for private medical phone calls, processing of intense emotions, even a good ugly cry where needed


Feel good reasons

76. More joy: no more dreading Mondays and longing for Fridays when business ownership is filled with purpose and freedom

77. Delight of spontaneous, leisurely lunches or outings with best friends, clients, etc: depth of intimacy and connection at its best! (Story: Soulsister M and once scored 20+ designer garments at a $100 red bag sale! We went in the middle of the day :D)

78. Healthier meals: when you have control of your time and work from home, you have more say in your meal planning and access to a full kitchen (79. saves a lot of money too!)

80. Freedom from tupperware: this is one of my favorites, not having to pack my lunch and wash tupperware containers (I could be the only one?)

81. Stress reduction: less cortisol in your system means 82. less anxiety, 83. less memory/learning problems and 84. better immunity (BIG NOTE: I'm not saying that becoming a freedompreneur is 100% stress free, I'm saying that you have the authority to taper stress to a minimum and build up brand and asset that further reduce your stress)

85. Abundant opportunities on a global stage: the world is your oyster!

86. Infinite breadth and depth for learning: no cap on adventures, experiences, and life lessons (Story: I was once offered a position with $700/year of continuing education subsidy. It felt suffocating to be told, "We won't allow you to learn anything beyond $700 for another 365 days." I obviously didn't take the job. Any self-respecting "self-development junkie" would do the same.)


If you've forgotten why you embarked on the journey to become a freedompreneur,

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With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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Ellany LeaAUTHOR • When Ellany said yes to freedompreneurship, she had no idea it'd turn into a spiritual quest of reclaiming the 1,000 pieces of her soul.