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The 9 Year Growth Cycles (Part 1)
The 9 Year Growth Cycles (Part 2)

When you flow with the natural cycles of growth, you feel lighter and more at peace.

When forcing against them, it feels like hugging a cactus or walking on porcupines. Expecting your career or business to yield fruit on day one is like forcing a toddler to write a PhD dissertation. It's rather cruel, if you think about it, such insane amount of pressure on a little seed. If you feel constantly exhausted, you're likely fighting the cycle you're in, which means you're fighting Life itself... and that's a huge energy drain.

Read on to learn about cycles 1 to 4.



Year 1 - Seeding

It's the best season to...

  • Take action to plant meaningful and fulfilling seeds for the next 9-Year cycle.
  • Summon the courage to leave your comfort zone and re-invent yourself.
  • Put you and your dreams first (1 is the number of the individual), even if critics label you "selfish", which you are not.
  • Channel and use the surge of energy wisely, so it doesn’t stagnate or build up nervous tension in the mind or body.
  • Bathe in the feeling of vitality, inspiration, worthiness and even invincibility.
  • Follow your deepest yearnings for independence, originality, and freedom.

Remember: new beginnings aren’t meant to be a struggle, but a continuous unfolding of Life's mystery, alchemy, and grace.


Year 2 - Sprouting

It's the best season to...

  • Slow down to reflect on your truest needs, desires (if not, Life may do it for you...).
  • Enjoy the peaceful nature of this season (smooth sailing ahead!).
  • Trust that seeds are rooting strong footholds, even though this season could feel like you're watching paint dry.
  • Practice patience, perseverance and gratitude as projects progress slowly, but surely, below the surface.
  • Forge new relationships that are reciprocal and nourishing (platonic and/or romantic).
  • Join and invest in new communities who will support the fruition in Year 8.

Remember: patience is not a punishment, but an opportunity to refine your inner-knowing and flow with Life


Year 3 - Breakthrough

It's the best season to...

  • Inhale a breath of fresh air and reap progress sewn in Year 1 and 2.
  • Burst out and express the depth and beauty of your soul (voice, creativity, thoughts, emotions) personally and/or professionally, the world is your oyster!
  • Make time to be social, add variety and novelty to your new/existing relationships.
  • As things speed up, pay attention to wanting to do too much, scattering your energy across too many projects and burning yourself out (before you’ve had a
    chance to grow a solid tree trunk).
  • Use this season as a creative springboard to actualize your ideas no matter how “out there”, for the joy and spontaneity of it.
  • Let go of guilt and prioritize joy, deeper meaning and long-term fulfillment (joy is not selfish).

Remember: bank as much of this season's magic and simplicity as you can to see you through Year 4.


Year 4 - Determination

It's the best season to...

  • Dig deep within to set a solid foundation for big goals / dreams (“The taller the skyscraper, the deeper the foundation.”).
  • Take a break from flurry of social activities and get down to work, focus!
  • Streamline, tidy, organize and even automate earthly details (eg. finances, living situation, busyness tracker, etc.).
  • Accept that Year 4 can be turbulent and challenging (maybe even isolating) but that you can still navigate it with grace.
  • Persevere and focus on all meaningful goals / dreams previously planted, with as much joy from Year 3 as possible (this is not the season to float aimlessly).
  • Be practical, not daydream your limited resources away based on blind optimism.

Remember: this season is a necessary step (no oak tree got mighty by skipping this cycle) to strengthen your spirit.


9-Year Growth Cycle Quiz

Take the quiz and download the full guidebook to find out at which stage you're at so you can flow with not against your natural season!

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With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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