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The 9 Year Growth Cycles (Part 1)
The 9 Year Growth Cycles (Part 2)

Results come so much more effortlessly when our work is sourced in peace. And peace comes from flowing with the natural rhythm of your soul and life, not against.

Read on to learn about cycles 5 to 9.



It's the best season to...

  • Ride the free spirit energy of Year 5 onto the open road, in an entirely new direction, free from what others think / need / want (this is the halfway season after all)
  • Embrace the flurry of change and new people/activities, even the urge to relocate, legally change your name or get divorced
  • Expect the unexpected (surprises, course corrections, and experiences you've never had), including mistakes, failures, lessons
  • Make decisions from the heart, from deep connection with self, others and Life
  • Not bite off more than you can chew or you will suffer from indigestion!
  • Find your tribe(s) with similar values, passions and depths.

Remember: everything in moderation, don't let "shiny object syndrome" scatter the focus and foundation built in Year 4.


YEAR 6 - Budding

It's the best season to...

  • Balance and restore your body, mind and spirit with natural and holistic nourishment after growth spurt of Year 5.
  • Add beauty, harmony and delight to home, relationships, wardrobe, car, website, etc.
  • Bathe in and enjoy a newfound sense of belonging to a soul aligned community.
  • Bloom deeper heart connections with your loved ones, career, pets, plants, networks).
  • Establish or makeover your niche in the world (professionally, home) knowing that trial and error may be needed.
  • Be mindful of a flurry of extra roles or responsibilities that are not yours to carry.

Remember: martyrdom is not service, so uphold self-care and boundaries (fill your own cup then give from your overflow)



It's the best season to...

  • Truly, deeply know thyself and see your gifts (this is the season of inner mastery).
  • Stop the daily grind to go deep within to reflect, see reality, and re-calibrate your path to to love and success, where needed.
  • Travel outside your home, comfort zone or status quo and embrace the highs and lows (highs can't be high without lows).
  • Craft your own way of seeing the world.
  • Celebrate the self-mastery and people who lead you to where you are today.
  • Let opportunities come to you, during this important planning (not doing) season before harvest, less is more.

Remember: If a writer, write. If a creative, create. Let your best work flow out.



It's the best season to...

  • Rejoice in this peak season of reaping the abundant fruits of your labor, this is the best season of your life (if you allow it)!
  • Burst out on the scene and act on the soul-aligned clarity and callings from Year 7, the world is your oyster!
  • Follow your bliss and live out loud, be who you want to be, do what you want to do
  • Give yourself permission to start the season in one direction and end up in an entirely new and more brilliant one
  • Bask in the radiance of achievement, love, and contentment, and use that midas touch to magnetize people and opportunities
  • Recognize that fruition can still carry growing pains, which are necessary to call forth your truest power​

Remember: even though this is a season of action and reward, keep trusting and grounding during uncertain times


YEAR 9 - Hibernation

It's the best season to...

  • Take stock of your 9-Year journey, obstacles overcome, lessons learned, so you can pull back to launch forward with renewed clarity and purpose
  • Gracefully let go of everything/everyone not meant for you by seeing losses as fertilizer for new seeds of inner evolution and outer contribution to the world
  • Complete any incompletes (forgive self/others/Life, let go of past wrongs, harmful people) so to start afresh on Year 1 
  • Accept the potential emotional roller coaster of death / rebirth cycles, this doesn't have to be the worse season ever
  • Recognize that not all endings are sad, some bring relief and/or exaltation​

Remember: don't skip this season of reflection, shedding, and celebration, in a rush to start the new cycle (planting seeds in winter soil is a fruitless waste of energy)


9-Year Growth Cycle Quiz

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With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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