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I've had many clients, business partners, and friends come work with me in my home, filled with light, overlooking a sweeping mountain and ocean view. I've had soulmates join me on para-sailing trips in Costa Rica, paragliding trips in Nepal, and hand-gliding trips in Brazil. I've had followers snatch up breakthrough sessions like crack.

But all those achievements mean very little when compared to what I'm truly, epically proud of as my lifetime achievement: I have broken 7 cycles of emotional imprisonment... for myself, for/with my clients, with my friends and for generations after me.



Buy experiences, not things.

I've suffered many injustices in my life, some physical, some emotional, and even some imaginary (conjured up by my ego-brain's forceful imagination). Many of which you don't know about, because your heart would shatter if I told you about them. But I stand here today, alive and thriving, having broken 98 generations* of emotional imprisonment. Whether I have children or not, I have already left a legacy and a promise to break these emotional shackles for/with anyone who enters my spheres.

*Incredible what my energy healer knows about me and my lineage


I broke the cycle of hoarding

That's enough. Here ends the era of pack rats, hoarding, and scarcity mentality (fear that there is never enough to go around).


I broke the cycle of career failure

That's enough. Here ends the "you must be a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or failure" career molds.


I broke the cycle of cultural/gender divide

That's enough. Here ends racism, homophobia, jokes about something being "gay", and the threat of us vs. them.


I broke the cycle of victimhood

That's enough. Here ends feeling like the lesser gender, the refugee, the immigrant, the outsider, the farmer, the lesser species.


I broke the cycle of the sacrificial lamb

That's enough. Here ends an era of struggle, self-sacrifice, martyrdom, resentment, muttering under ones breath, and giving until there's NOTHING left.


I broke the cycle of financial illiteracy

That's enough. Here ends a lifetime of anxiety due to financial insecurity, foolishness of buying high and selling low, and working 3 jobs to make ends meet.


I broke the cycle of marriage for convenience

That's enough. Here ends "meal-ticket" marriages, marrying for money, marrying for convenience, and divorces due to infidelity.


It ends here. It ends with me.

It ends here. It ends with me. It ends with us. If I decide to have children, they will not inherit these emotional prisons. I guarantee it on my life. And in many ways, I'm already a wealth-mother to many: my clients, my business partners, my friends, my tribe are all my metaphorical children (and parent because they've taught me so much). If our paths meet, I promise you the power to break your own family's cycle of emotional imprisonment.


What now?

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Thank you for being a lone nut, a leader, and a friend! <3

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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