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Clients and students were asked...

What are your "Before” and "After" snapshots, in terms of achievements and personal growth?


Before • Feeling desperate and under the gun. Felt like I was firing a bit wildly and not sure where to aim.

After • My entire program is fleshed out and reflects my deep expression in this world. I already starting delivering that program to my ideal clients...with terrific feedback. Self-belief: I started off thinking I must be crazy, and now I know that it's exactly the kind of crazy that my people are craving :D

Before • Before I started coaching with Ella, I was busy all the time. I was close to burn out. I was making money but didn't have the time to enjoy any of it - the money, the experiences, the learning - I was on a treadmill.

After • Now, I feel like I'm in the "Meadow." I feel free. I chose my clients, I choose my time, and I relax and take time and space for myself without the guilt.

Before • Fed-up, ready to check out, disliking myself, not valuing myself and not seeing a clear direction or way to find one. Really, really angry at myself. The worst of friends to myself.

After • I have two inner sages, reminding me I am loved, and have all the wisdom I need. I realized that small things are often the treasure, it's not all about big things. I have a priority list that reminds me what and who are really important to me. I'm enjoying the moment more. I'm nicer to myself and happier and less stressed.

Before • Definitely not happy with myself. A deep level of hopelessness and scared after a burn-out. Really difficult to untangle the stories I've been telling myself as a minority. Bursting into tears or wanting to avoid the world. It wasn't clear why it was so hard to get back on my feet even though I've faced failures before.

After • I am no longer in burnt out mode. I have effective tools in place, making sure I don't burn out for no reason. I am not desperate to get a 9-5 job just to find some breather room. I am already excited to rebuild my entrepreneurship journey, arrange my calendars around things that work for me (rather than making my life work for whatever comes my way), and make my life flourish.

Before • I had already designed my brand, without knowing exactly what to offer, what to charge and who are my peeps. I often came to the coaching call with no topic as I didn't know or see how to make the best out of my situation...

After • Overflowing, with a "this is it!" kind of inner calm... There's awe, there's power. It feels liberating to know that it's all aligning: who I am, the traits of the peeps I want in my life. There is more awareness around what just is and around the ego vs. heart conflict.

Before • Very overwhelmed, totally disorganized, very low self confidence after a recent series of "failures". Looking for approval and praise from anyone, feeling unworthy. Hard on myself, judging myself all the time. Feeling lost, feeling like I'm taking 1000 steps back from all that I had conquered over the years.

After • I claimed my amazing self back! I can see everything more clearly. I feel I can make magic happen again. I value myself more than ever. I feel stronger. I am learning how to trust and let go. I am learning how to say no and that it doesn't have to be so hard all the time.

Before • Had no clue how to make it happen. Had doubts that I could even make it happen. Felt a little lost and lonely on this journey.     

After • Feel like I can totally make this happen. Found the inspiration to make this happen. I feel stronger in my own business practice, more motivated to spread my message.

Before • Stressed and frazzled. Needed more focus. Had idea of where I wanted to be, but needed the tools and accountability to get there.

After • I feel more "at peace" with my life and business. Someone even commented on it recently when they saw me. They couldn't put it into words, and I don't know if I completely can either, but I feel more at rest and less scattered. More confident, in a way.

Before • Omigoodness! "Happily clueless" is the perfect answer to this!

After • Fully confident that I will be a successful entrepreneur and gratefully receiving overflow in my business. Externally, I have clear business goals, how to build, launch, solidify and sustain my business. Internally, I am more sure of what I bring to the table.

Before • I was exhausted and desperate, trying to make my business work but getting meager results. I was trying to do more and more, trying various different things, and knowing there was something missing, but not knowing what it was.

After • I now have a great understanding of what needs to be done and in what order. This has helped me immensely to create a strategy that finally works for me. I am finally finding ease and flow. My mind is more quiet, work more efficient and I feel at peace. I feel much more confident in my message and how I work in my business and on my business.

Before • Confused about how to approach building my business and very, very stuck.

After • Most of the work is happening on the inside.  I am clearer about my ideal client, and I’m a lot less confused about the “steps” to take to realize a freedom lifestyle business.

Before • I was swirling with a "feeling" and a concept, but had no idea what form it should take. I needed some concrete direction for my inspiration.

After • I have that service tiers pyramid, I have the building blocks. I can now see how to take inspiration and make it tangible.

Before • I was getting involved in ventures that were cool but were not aligned with my purpose. I had this big vision for my life and business(es) but I was working and playing around it, not in it.

After • The missing piece was embracing my core essence, allowing that to be the centrepiece of my brand. I have a clear picture of who I want to be and what I want to accomplish in the next 1-3 years. And I have made great strides in reaching milestones (e.g. first draft manuscript completed, curriculum model almost completed, etc.).

Before • Pulled in 100 directions. Busy for busy’s sake. Hesitating to claim my wisdom.

After • Cleared space and cleared schedule. Bigger, more simplified, streamlined vision for my business. Understanding that the delightful complexity of my background can remain in the background, so that I can focus on what’s most powerfully of service.

Before • I was on and off busy. I thought I was clear on where I wanted to end up. I was afraid to own where I wanted to go, how I want to practice.

After • I rolled with the punches when my plan got flipped upside down. I now have identified my avatar, my unique traits, my saboteurs, my fears. I am a kinder person to myself. I am able to be more grateful for where I am versus where I am not.

Before • I didn't believe in my ability to be a lifestyle entrepreneur and lead.

After • I had more reflections about my saboteurs. I gained more confidence in myself and started to show compassion for myself.

Before • Before was unfocused, traumatized and needed direction.

After • I know what I want to do when I grow up, I have tools to manage my stress and direction for the future. I am planned and secure!

Before • I was working at two clinics, waiting for things to move so that I could move cities. I was still nervous to totally break away from using modalities I wasn't interested in using and saying "No, I don't treat that way or do that style, here is someone who can."

After • I sold my condo, moved to a new city, and started a new practice, working 4 days a week. I am clearer on how I want to network moving forward. I feel more confident in my business decisions. I started saying no to treating patients in a way that doesn't resonate.

Before • Thinking that something must be changed in the way we/I do science, but without a support system. I was looking for concrete advice to start an institute, but realized how much I was "stuck" with weights from the past and from saboteurs. 

After • I have done so much personal growth, beyond what I thought would be possible. It turns out that I needed to clarify who I am and what I want, before diving into the concrete steps of launching my institute. I also needed to learn what I don't want, sometimes from difficult first-hand experiences, to be ready for the launch.

Before • Lost, confused, unaware of my untapped knowledge/power/resources. I didn't know where I was going with my ideas and how I was going to build a business.

After • Website in re-construction, written documentation of my offer, my ideal client pin-pointed and an online platform that can realistically operate today. Internally, I have much more confidence in my ability to see a business through to the finish line.

With infinite grace, freedom on!

xo, Ella

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