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Clients and students were asked...

Where did you feel most stretched by Guide to Grace?


To slow down, make space, take time off, AND make money at the same time. There was a dip at the beginning of the year, but you held the space so tenderly, I didn't feel the fear.

I'm still working on the wall of 100 post-it wall of achievements. There's a block somewhere that keeps me from celebrating them. The 42-no quest. It was incredibly hard to say no.

Finding "my way" and my carrot. Quit saying "I don't know" and staying with the process when I felt this wasn't working out for me.

Connecting with people and worrying that they'll think I just want something from them. Becoming ok with not being able to do nearly as much as I thought I could.

1. When I had to start trusting (the process, a higher power, etc.). I was a control freak but this did not take me anywhere. 2. When I had to start being more compassionate with myself (not tagging unproductive days as "shit", setting boundaries/time).

Learning to actually take a break and put some space in my life was challenging at first since I am so used to staying busy. Now I can't imagine going back to working every day!

For me, the mini-quests really challenged and stretched me the very mos... I had to get over the perfectionism and get *something* posted…. And to do that, internal work had to happen.

Ideal client avatar was the most challenging – there were times when I wanted to throw the whole thing out the window. It was deep and intimate process of self-validation, recognizing my value, and healing the most wounded/disowned parts of myself. It was a surprisingly heart-opening birthing process I didn't expect. Even though I haven’t had children, I imagine it’s a similar process. I feel incredible love for my avatar, like a mother to them!

I felt most challenged when regularly prompted with "what does it feel like to…" because I was not used to describe accurately how I feel. Perhaps it forced me to understand where I was, instead of taking the easy way out. I felt the most stretched with accepting compliments and accepting who I am.  

To simplify. To name who I serve. To commit to starting with ONE thing.

Letting go of my blocks/fears etc. Managing this intensive while going through intense things in other areas in my life.

Putting things on paper - like a roadmap, avatar, benefits/challenges. Could I really do this? Is it right to commit to it? Who am I to think I can help people? So I was challenged creatively, mentally and spiritually with these tasks.

Mentally. Sometime I just wanted to stop and wasn't sure why I was doing this. Then I would get on a call and become re-inspired once again. I think that is half the battle won.

To take the next steps in working on the e-course. Specifically the recording. That has been "harder" for me than I thought it would. I think it is just such a new thing for me that my automatic reaction is to keep putting it off and have the mentality of "I'll do it tomorrow."

The technical side of things drains me, but I’m continually reminding myself of Ella's line, "What do you want to be known for?" I’m built to exist in the land of ideas, inspiration and possibility. So it’s always a good challenge for me to put my feet back on the ground and do the planning and dirty work.

Letting go of my $$ goal, which to me meant the only definition of success.

The technical side of things. Trusting in myself.

When I have to talk to 12 people about my new business after a complete career (and identity) change.

With infinite grace, freedom on!

xo, Ella

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