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Clients and students were asked...

What do you know about yourself that you did not know before Guide to Grace?


I now know that I have a strong intuition. I am learning how to listen to it and follow it. This led me to you, it led me to take the leaps of faith, and to find my zone of genius. I am getting better at accessing my intuition.

Through the visualisation of my inner sages, I am more tapped into my divine feminine. I can feel this power starting to connect, and I'll keep flowing like the powerful river I am. I no longer feel inclined to tamp down my power for fear I'll get smacked down if I let it out.

I am the lone wolf I speak of in my freedom declaration and the unshackling was mine to do before anyone else's... I am to embrace their original wild and warrior-like spirit with them. My pack was there and with so much strength, just knowing and unstoppability.

I'm so strong that Ella thinks I'm a hero! And actually, I am a mother-f*cking hero. :D

I am more aware of my strength. I do believe in a higher power, but quite angry with high power right now (which I didn't realize before).

I discovered that everyone of us is an expression of divine power, and that when we use our gifts to create, making it a brighter, happier place for all. Creating beauty is as important as building a house.

I am brave.

I am a prideful person! Totally didn't see myself as such, but it was good to learn. I also realized that I value generosity, what form it takes for me to be happy with what I do.

I somewhat knew (or felt) that I tend to be outside of the box, but I had not appreciated how this may be one of my most important strengths/tools. Something Ella said which made an impression on me is how it is easy to step outside the box for a little bit, but it much harder to stay there. Another thing: I exist separately from my achievements (wasn't obvious to me)!

I’m proud of myself for even starting this whole journey! I’m generally the care giver in all other aspects of my life, so asking for help and inviting allies into my world, has not been a habit of mine. It felt great to commit and follow through – I’ve been erasing some negative voices from the past through the process. I’m back to my 10 year old mentality; “I can do anything”!!

I am more adorable than I have thought! haha

How to deal with my saboteur, how strong a manifester and creator I am, that I prefer to do things well instead of fast.

I am not alone on my Island, but I am the Queen of my Island!

I had doubts about the uniqueness of my business since the coaching industry is already saturated with coaches who do similar work. I’ve come to truly understand, appreciate and take ownership of my Unique Approach. This has got to be one of the most valuable process of the entire curriculum.

Money can absolutely not be my drive, it kills everything in me: the fun, the flow, the creativity.

The fear I have about really going for this dream is massive, and I’m sure that explains a lot of my stuckness. I really don’t think I knew I was THIS scared. This is helpful.

Sharing the responsibility with my clients seems to also be a key learning and something to remember on a daily basis. I can't and won't carry all these weights as I live free and in joy.

I am more self-aware. I try to pay more attention to when my body says stop and take a break etc.

I am way more honest with people I don't know than people I know. Ha!!!

With infinite grace, freedom on!

xo, Ella

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