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Power of Iterations Series
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Create the Masterclass 1/2 • 5 Evolutions of Freedom Trackers
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Last week, we looked at the first two iterations of Create the Business Lab. This week, we'll look at the tipping point, growth spur and evergreen growth iterations of Create the Business Lab.

Iteration No. 3 • The tipping Point

On the 3rd iteration of these 9 elements of creating a business lab, where I get to play and experiment with top notch clients, I achieved major breakthroughs. For me, tipping points usually occurred in Year 3, each iteration being from 6 months to 18 months long. So this is an average. You might surpass me and hit tipping points in iteration no. 1! You may need longer, be compassionate with self and others. Perfection is never a lame goal: you'll never achieve it, that I can promise you.

  1. Enlightened Goals (8/10) • My goals didn't change, I was still clear, I just needed to keep practicing a heeeeeeap of self-compassion and patience.
  2. Daring Team Leadership (4/10) • I was coasting along, with a VA. At least I didn't feel like crap anymore at the mere thought of admin tasks, that's a major improvement! I just didn't have the capacity to upgrade everything, all at once and wanted to hone in on my brand and my unique approach, so I can claim a space and be known for freedom.
  3. Ideal Client Avatar Part 1 (9/10) • I terms of avatar, as I was shedding shame and perfectionism through Brené Brown's Daring Way certification program, I was learning the power of being blissfully content with "good enough."
  4. Branding with Archetypes (5/10)• A friend also did a branding with archetypes exercise with me, but I didn't feel 100% resonant with the results. Obviously, it was a self-assessment, so the "self" that was assessing my own brand wasn't my truest and highest Self. But forward is forward!
  5. Ideal Client Avatar Part 2  (7/10) • Same as Avatar (Part 1) above.
  6. Branding Deck Simplified (8/10) • One of the best leadership skills I ever realized I had was the ability to make the tough call to pull back, in order to launch forward (like in archery). Even though it meant serving a few less clients, making a little less money for a little while, I carved out and prioritized the time to complete my Branding Deck, so that I would never again have to repeat myself like a parrot about my what my business is about. Hallelujah!
  7. Unique Methodology (6/10) • It's so challenging to articulate your own uniqueness and greatness, and I figured out why!! If we could see, acknowledge and articulate why we are unique and great, we would never again need another human. Humans are wired for connection. So in a cheaky way, we came to Earth programmed this way, with blindspots around our uniqueness and greatness, so that we connect with the right people, our people, so that through community and love, they serve as mirrors to help us see our glory. Life / The Grand Design has a cheeky sense of humour!
  8. Product Sequencing (7/10) • I'm trudging alone, left foot, right foot, left root, right foot. Rome was not built in a day!
  9. Six-figure Calculator (8/10) • A little upgrade here as well. You know you're nearing the tipping point when suddenly progress feels so sloooooow and everything feels like it's taking forever to manifest.


Iteration No. 4 • Growth Spur

Just like after any storm, the sun eventually comes out, after any tipping point, the growth spur shoots up and all your work, dedication, focus and discipline bear fruit!

  1. Enlightened Goals (8/10) • Goals stayed the same. They held strong a true. Sometimes, no movement on the goals front is a powerful sign that these are soul-aligned goals.
  2. Daring Team Leadership (7/10) • After completing my year-long Leadership program, and being so loved and held by my tribe, I opened my wallet wide, wide open and hired every support person I could think of: a branding strategist, a content strategist, a social media assistant, a graphic designer, an assistant program leader, and more! I was so, so, so, so, so, so done lone wolfing my life.
  3. Ideal Client Avatar Part 1 (10/10) • After freeing up your time, identifying your ideal client is THE most significant act of clarity and liberation you can gift your business. By guiding my clients to claim and articulate their ideal client, I knew mine would never change: it's still globetrotting overachieving women entrepreneurs. What has changed is my level of clarity to 10/10!
  4. Branding with Archetypes (7/10) • About a year later, I redid the branding wtih archetypes self-assessment with my newest and truest Self. And there! The new results I got this time around resonated like a giant gong inside my chest! I'd found my top two business brand archetypes and they looked exactly like my social media feed! I was on brand and I didn't even know it, lol!
  5. Ideal Client Avatar Part 2 (8/10) • Ironically, it's by not trying to find my ideal clients that they found me. I simply lived my life, traveled, went to retreats and events that I adore. And they called me, asking me to coach/mentor them.
  6. Branding Deck Simplified (9/10) • Now that my Branding Deck was solid, I guided my clients in creating their branding deck, so they too wouldn't have to ever again repeat themselves like parrots about what they do.
  7. Unique Methodology (9/10) • During this time, I went to a higher consciousness retreat and was talking about being a cryer my entire lief, as if I carried the world's grief in my chest. What other explanation was there to explain how I cried myself to sleep every day for the two decades? And my spiritual mentor said, "Often, when we cry like that, it's because something is trying to get out. What if it's not grief? What else is trying to come out?" And bam! It hit me: grace. Grace was trying to come out. And bam! There it was, the word that encapsulates my unique methodology: grace, which I defined as the convergence of ease, peace, joy, truth and trust. Bam! Bam!
  8. Product Sequencing (8/10) • At this stage, I learned to power of re-purposing and re-packaging my content into various types of products. It was so fun! I was rolling around in blissful creative freedom, and created whatever I wanted, left, right and center! Woo!
  9. Six-figure Calculator (9/10) • And thanks to having multiple products, I was able to sequence them so one product advertised the next, and so my products were doing marketing for me and for each other, while I was sleeping! It's like having elves work for me in the middle of the night :D


Iteration No. 5 • Evergreen Growth

And though I use Year 5 as a general average time marker of my progress, I swear it felt like 10,000 years to reach this point, to reach this pseudo-finish line. I call it a pseudo-finish line because the work is never done. Even so, it won't stop me from enjoying my free time, my life, my body and my everything!

  1. Enlightened Goals (9/10) • The only thing I added to my goals in this iteration was joy: enjoy every moment, every hiccup, every achievement, every mistake. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I can't ever imagine having 10/10 goals as my potential is constantly growing and being actualized to the next level.
  2. Daring Team Leadership (9/10) • Now having tasted the sweet nectar or having experts contribute their expertise to my business, I could never go back to working as a lone wolf. Yes, it cost money to pay for them, and I made even MORE money thanks to their taking so many things off my plate.
  3. Ideal Client Avatar Part 1  (10/10) • Nailed it!
  4. Branding with Archetypes (10/10) • On the last iteration, it was an intellectual knowing of my brand via my archetypes. Now it became an embodied visceral knowing, plus my love moat (the tribe of soul family members who protect the castle of my soul) kept mirroring it back to me "Oh my god, this is SO you!"
  5. Ideal Client Avatar Part 2 (10/10) • Nailed that too!
  6. Branding Deck Simplified (10/10) • The best way to learn really is to teach. By teaching my clients how to pull back in order to launch forward, how to assemble a branding deck so they could base all their copy, sales conversations, and business on one central stake. Boom!
  7. Unique Methodology (10/10) • Once grace came out, it flooded out like nobody's business. Everything go instantly aligned and rebranded to Guide to Grace. Just like that. Effortless ease (plus 5 iterations + 10 self-development years + 98 past lives.)
  8. Product Sequencing (9/10) • I swear to you, the tortoise approach works. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. You'll get there. And happily so!
  9. Six-figure Calculator (10/10) • I'm good with words, but until you experience it yourself, I can't describe the sheer bliss and sweet nectar of knowing exactly the breakdown of income sources, expenses, and profit projections, plus or minus two cents.


Start your creative quest today!

Phew! If you read through all that, you deserve a gold medal and two trophies! It takes a champion to survive a spiritual quest like this and it takes a warrior to thrive through a creative quest like this.

Are you about to embark on a creative quest for lifestyle freedom? Are you finally done with the start-stop-start-stop cadence of doing it alone? Are you craving elegant structure that will serve as powerful banks for your creative river to flow? Then join Unleash Your Masterclass today! Especially if you're made of champion or warrior stardust...

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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