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I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere while chasing sun, because I'm now in Riga, Latvia. It's a wintery wonderland! I haven't been this cold since I left Montreal in 2005. Holy shit, has it been a decade already?

Like Bill Gates says,

Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.

How are you possible?

Between not fitting in, bullying, tiger moms, puberty, cultural pressures, social expectations, anxiety, depression, loss and trauma, not counting bills, mortgage, illness, divorce, crazy in-laws, child-rearing, how did any of us make it this far?


A calling

We had a calling, at the intersection of what we love and what we're naturally talented at.


A profession

We had a profession, at the intersection of what we're naturally talented at and what we get paid to do.


A vocation

We had a vocation, at the intersection of what we get paid to do and what the world needs.


A mission

We had a mission, at the intersection of what the world needs and what we'd do forever and ever!


A passion

We had a passion, at the intersection of what we'd do forever and ever and what we love.


Do you have the "it" factor?

The "it" factor is the sweet spot where calling, profession, vocation, mission and passion overlap.

The poet, Rumi, once wrote,

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
– Rumi

My version of Rumi's poem would be: Out in the wasteland and wonderland of entrepreneurship, there is an "it". I'll meet you there. (May Rumi not roll in his grave for my borrowing his poetry :P)


Missing a few "it" Factors?

Once upon a time, there were 3 overachieving women entrepreneurs, upgrading themselves.

  • Marya, The Replicator
  • Julianne, The Hobbyist
  • Aneela, The Leaper


Meet Marya, The Replicator

Marya started her business with skills she already had [TALENT ✓], got paid for in the past [PROFIT ✓] and were needed by others [NEED ✓].

Soon she realized that she didn't love her business anymore, not the work, people, environment, nor lifestyle, etc.). Also she couldn't sustain it forever and ever (<-- you know, the type of work you'd jump out of bed for even if you weren't paid).

She defaulted into this business. She didn't know about the five "it" factors. Essentially, she recreated a j.o.b. for herself, with more demands and less resources. [Been there, done that! :S]


Meet Julianne, The Hobbyist

Julianne absolutely loves what she does [LOVE ✓]. She excels at it [TALENT ✓]. And the world desperately needs what her business has to offer [NEED ✓].

But she's not making any profit. And as is, her business model isn't sustainable. In fact, if she stops, all the plates in her business will come crashing down.

She fell in love into this business. She didn't know about the "it" factors. Essentially, she created a hobby for herself, with more stress and less enjoyment. [Been there, done that! :S]


Meet Aneela, The Leaper

Aneela also absolutely loves what she does [LOVE ✓]. The world desperately needs what her business has to offer [NEED ✓]. And she is making great money [PROFIT ✓]!

Soon she realized that every step feels like a steep uphill climb because she's not naturally talented at it. She needs more training. She's not sure she'll ever be a good fit for this role. Also she can't see a long-term future for her business.

She blindly dove into it. She didn't know about the "it" factors. Essentially, she leaped off a cliff and is building her wings on the way down, roller-coasting between terror and hope... every 2.5min. [Been there, done that! :S]


an anxious mess of a badass

Of all the ladies, Aneela is the badest of badasses, albeith an anxious, manic, hot mess of a badass. Take comfort in knowing that we've all been through the upheaval of upgrading ourselves. The difference between Aneela and you, is that you have the five "it" factors in your back pocket.

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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Ellany LeaEllany Lea is a master freedompreneur, modern mystic and success coach. She writes about the 4 types of knowing as a pathway to total freedom.