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Breadcrumbs toward Finding my Soul Tribe (Part 1)
Breadcrumbs toward Finding my Soul Tribe (Part 2)


3. THE Co-Working TRIBE

I was interviewed for a friend's podcast about people who have traveled (or soon will travel) every country in the world.

He asked what my greatest lesson was from experiencing over 100 countries. I said: Home is everywhere.

  • I left a very comfortable well-paid engineering job, which I worked my ass off to earn. Everyone loudly expressed how I was certifiably insane. [no tribe]
  • => I moved to Rwanda to pursue my heart's calling of humanitarian work [no tribe]
  • => I left Rwanda, knowing that my talents weren't being used to their highest potential [thanks to courage from tribe]
  • => I lined up 5 interviews in 5 days in NYC. On day 5, I got a job offer, found an apartment, flew home on day 6, packed and moved my life to NYC on day 7. No faffin' around! [no tribe yet]
  • => I left my well paying dream job (which did have a glass ceiling) to move half-way around the world to follow an ex-partner [thanks to courage from tribe]
  • => I left that ex-partner when I saw who he truly was [thanks to courage from tribe]
  • => I started over and transmuted heartbreak into entrepreneurial freedom [no tribe yet]
  • => That freedom lead me to CTI, both coach training and leadership tribes 
  • => On one of our Facebook groups, a dear friend and I connected. We Skyped, hit it off and even worked together.
  • => A few years later, when I was mulling over cities to visit in Spain, she mentioned her parents' house by the sea in Malaga
  • => I said, "Sign me up!" and we finally met in person. She flew in from Paris, I flew in from Marrakesh.
  • => By the end of that year, I had finally (after trying on 100+ countries) chosen Spain as my new home
  • => I Skyped her to ask for neighborhood recommendations in Malaga
  • => She told me that she just moved to Malaga, what are the odds!
  • => I asked if she had a second bedroom. When she said yes, I moved in.
  • => And then I asked her if it was ok, lol!
  • => Both being introverts, we knew it'd be good for us to venture out, maybe join a co-working space
  • => I was still getting my paperwork sorted, so she took the lead on visiting every co-working space in Malaga!
  • => She came home one day and raved about The Living Room! She loved their sense of camaraderie, so I joined too.
  • => A few weeks later, friends at The Living Room organized a surfing trip
  • => While I was being churned by the waves and the ocean, it hit me: an eerie familiarity and oneness of "Woah, I AM the ocean!" Or at least I was, in a past life. In this life, perhaps there was a manufacturing defect and I ended up slotted into this small human body...
  • Is the ocean my tribe? Woah.

My favorite part of walking you through my life and business's twists and turns, on how I found my tribe (or rather how they found me), is to illuminate how much we don't control.

There are moments of pain and suffering. Then there are also moments of surprise and serendipity.

Our destiny requires time to unfold

Time, our destiny requires time. It requires time to unfold (which I know, is the last thing an overachiever wants to hear). A flower can't be rushed to blossom, but it sure as hell can drowned it by over-watering.

So stop over-watering your dreams!


Bankgok, Thaliand 2015 © Ellany Lea


And last but not least, the world feels like your oyster, when you're cocooned in a silk hammock, belonging to a global network of freedom flying Antigravity Yoga Instructors!

  • I was living in NYC at the time
  • => I walked home from work every day for a year
  • => On my last week of work, I turned right as always and smacked into an aisle in front of the building next door. That definitely wasn't there before!
  • => The sign said: Sky Lab / Antigravity Yoga. So I went upstairs to check it out.
  • => I signed up for a 3-class promo because it had the word freedom in it
  • => On my first class, I waaaay over did it. I was so nauseous I had to sit in the lounge for 45min before I could stand up without barfing
  • => It took me double the time to walk home / remember where home was
  • => Because of my Asian financial scarcity upbringing, I had to go back and use up the other 2 classes. You know, get my bang for my buck.
  • => Christopher Harrison, the founder of AGY, was my teacher at the time. He remembered me from last class and mentioned a chin tuck and taking it easy this time.
  • => I listened (which is rare... because I despise being told what to do)
  • => By the 3rd class, I fell in love with flying! I had no idea that fitness, strength and stamina could be achieved through immense laughter, community and lightness of being. No forehead scrunching, no grunting, no pain. Just fun and freedom!
  • => I went religiously every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. My friends knew not to schedule events on those nights. Even Christopher knew that the front left hammock was mine and would wink at any newbies to vacate the hammock (tee-hee-hee)
  • => Five years later, the business that failed to launch because grandma died the morning of the launch lead me to an awesome lady in the wellness community
  • => She and I started an aerial silks studio together and I got certified as an Antigravity Yoga Instructor
  • => And two years after that, I went to an AGY studio in Japan to stay fit while country hopping
  • => That planted the seed to go to every AGY studio in every country I visited... which I did!

I had no idea that the Marketing Manager for AGY headquarter in NYC would take notice and introduce me to every studio in every country I'd be visiting. I felt like VIP royalty! I felt like home <3

This 3 part blog was to answer the question: how do you create a freedom lifestyle and overcome fear. My answer still remains: find your tribe(s). Ride the roller coaster of twists and turns. Find your tribe(s).

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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