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Every January, I review my life with a giant mindmap of “What did it take to get here?” Partly is serves as a memoir for my future books. Partly it tells me who I really need to thank (this part always makes me cry... and usually makes them cry too). Partly it highlights what I still need to work on. And partly it serves as a roadmap for all overachievers and gifted adults to achieve exquisite freedom: time freedom, location independence, a business filled with purpose and of course, inner and outer wealth.

Here’s my Exquisite Freedom Roadmap


I encourage you to follow along and create one for yourself. I use Mindmeister, but you can use paper and crayons or any widget you like.

Disclaimer: Your roadmap will not look like mine. Be grateful that it doesn’t. I had so, so, so much garbage to dig up and smell. If you don’t have as much, be grateful. If you have more, take heart that it does get better and it will get better for you too.

My Exquisite Freedom Roadmap

How do you have Exquisite Freedom? How do you do work that you love, that you’re talented at, that is sustainable, that pays really well, and that the world needs? How do you live and work from anywhere? How do you do whatever you want, pretty much whenever you want, wherever you want and with whomever you want?

The answer: you create it. You create:

  1. A location-independent business
  2. A loving relationship
  3. Residual income
  4. Vibrant health
  5. A travel Plan

Then, for each pillar, I asked myself, “Where did that come from?” And as the mindmap grew, where did that come from? And that? What about that? And I kept going until the end of the line.

My End of the Line

Here’s what my end of the line looked like (all those bubbles in white):

  • Parental scarcity x7
  • Mom volunteer “Do good = be poor” x4
  • I value growth x4
  • Parental expectations / guilt x4
  • Parental / cultural domestication x3
  • Dad values education x2
  • Parental dysfunction x2
  • Courage x2
  • Yearning for freedom
  • Yearning for recognition
  • Mom loves books / writing
  • Dad’s travel stories

The Root of all Exquisite Freedom

And a drum roll, please! So let’s see, my Exquisite Freedom is traced back to:

  • 75% from parental conditioning… duh and sigh
  • 25% from my own values and yearnings... just sigh

Of the parental conditioning:

  • 46% is rooted in scarcity… holy f*** how am I even a wealth coach and not drowning in debt and suffocated by fear right now?!?
  • 38% is rooted in unconscious conditioning and dysfunction… another deep sigh
  • 16% is rooted in parental qualities*

* These stats are tricky. Mom’s heart of a volunteer is a great quality, but into my psyche, it implanted the message that you must do good and in order to do good you must be poor (ie you must never get paid for doing good). So I put it in the scarcity column. Hey, these are my stats. I’ll do whatever I want with them.

I’m Kinda Sad

I’m kinda sad that only 6% of my Exquisite Freedom was driven by courage, a pure act of courage. I take comfort in the word “was” because this mindmap looks into the past, looks into who I used to be, not who I will be.

How to sever the monster’s heads

How do you sever this monster’s far reaching arms, legs and heads. How do you release the conditioning and identities implanted upon you without your consent?

Stay tuned to next week’s posts. I’ll walk you through all the elements you'll need to embrace and let go of so you too can experience Exquisite Freedom. I'll walk you through the roadmap, one section at a time.

What next?

  • Create your own "Where did that come from?" mindmap and post a link to it In the comments
  • The first 3 who do will be entered in a year-long contest to be flown all-expense-paid to wherever I am in the world. You don't get any more detail than that ;) Fortune favors the brave, and early bird gets the worm.

Thank you for being a lone nut, a leader, and a friend! <3

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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