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The Hero's Journey... for a Lifestyle Entrepreneur • Part 1
The Heroine's Journey... for a Woman Overachiever • Part 2
The Liberator's Journey... for Freedom Seeker • Part 3

Do you know Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey? Watch any Pixar animated movie and you'll see the mythological story arc.


Act 1 • The Departure

Hero lives in ordinary world. Eg. Sam is expected by parents/society to become the best white man she can be, with picket fence, two-car garage, 2.5 kids, plus dog.

Hero receives a call to adventure. Eg. Lisette declares "f*ck this shit!" and leaves her six-figure job to start her business.

Hero is reluctant but is helped by mentor or supernatural aid. Eg. Ellany got stood up on a date, so takes herself on date to wellness convention, where she meets Sue who waters the seed of Ellany's life's purpose.

Act 2 • The Initiation

Hero traverses threshold into the unknown and faces trials. Eg. Katerina invested $20,000 in a business building program and saw only $6,000 return on investment. So she tries harder and forces harder.

Hero gathers helpers along the way. Eg. Priya goes networking, every minute of every day, like a spilled marble jar, appreciates the sense of community, but is so exhausted she can't remember her own name.

Hero reaches crisis point and experiences a death and rebirth. Eg. Lisa burns out completely. Her mind, her body, her bank account, all burnt to ashes. From there, she rises again.

Act 3 • The Return

Hero refuses to return to ordinary world having found bliss and enlightenment. Eg. Sarena becomes a digital nomad and lives in Bali, London, NYC, Thailand, L.A.

Hero traverses back to ordinary world with gained treasure to benefit humankind. Eg. Anna comes back from the jungles of Peru and becomes The Shaman in Stilettos.

Hero is transformed and gains wisdom / spiritual power over both material and spiritual worlds. Eg. Megan goes on a solo bike journey around Ireland after losing her mom, dad and fiancé and creates a documentary to inspire us to turn lead into gold.

Post-Ayahuasca Commentary

I've been on this hero's journey loopy loop many times when I:

  • moved to Rwanda for work
  • moved to NYC on 6 days notice
  • moved to Hong Kong to start my digital consultancy
  • moved to Vancouver to find my purpose as a success coach
  • took my coaching business to 16 countries in 16 weeks
  • took my coaching + psychotherapy business to 56 countries in 52 weeks
  • took on a 3-moon Ayahuasca retreat (3 ceremonies, 3 ceremonies, 4 ceremonies, each 1 moon cycle apart). I will tell you aaaaaall about it on next week's live Zoom call.


Hero's Journey • Step 12. Refusal of the Return

"Having found bliss and enlightenment in the other world, the hero may not want to return to the ordinary world to bestow the boon [treasure] onto his fellow man."

Yuuuuuup, spot on. I was in that space just 3 weeks ago. I've NEVER felt suuuuuch deep, permanent and lasting bliss/joy, enlightenment/clarity, and emptiness/peace. "There" is soooo much better than "here." :S

Hero's Journey • Step 15. The Crossing of the Return Threshold

"The trick in returning is to retain the wisdom gained on the quest, to integrate that wisdom into a human life, and then maybe figure out how to share the wisdom with the rest of the world."

Wisdom irrefutably integrated into my life and some of my clients' lives. I chose my Ayahuasca school because it offers post-ceremony psychotherapeutic integration. The tricky part is how to share the wisdom with you all... So 2 weeks ago, I decided I'd read you the juicy parts of my 3 Ayahuasca journals.

Hero's Journey • Step 16. Master of Two Worlds

"For a human hero, it may mean achieving a balance between the material and spiritual. The person has become comfortable and competent in both the inner and outer worlds."

Eeerrrhh, to me, in this moment, Oneness (spiritual world) far, far, far, far, far outshines Earth School (material world). I'm very comfortable in the inner world. Hmm... finding my way to both at the same time.

Hero's Journey • Step 17. Freedom to Live

"Mastery leads to freedom from the fear of death, which in turn is the freedom to live. This is sometimes referred to as living in the moment, neither anticipating the future nor regretting the past."

I'm afraid of stuff, but I've never been afraid of dying. So in true "in the moment" fashion, I have no idea how next week's live Zoom call will turn out, hehehe, I have no more shits to give to the past, nor the future. :D


The Heroine's Journey

So there's The Hero's Journey to lifestyle freedom. Did you know there's The Heroine's Journey? Whaaaaat?!? I didn't. More next week!

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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