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Have you spent lots of money and time to hire and train someone... just to be disappointed with the lack of results?

There are several factors at play, such as:

  1. mismatched expectations,
  2. the classic case of "they over-promised and under-delivered" and
  3. not having hired the right person for the job in the first place.

I can untangle all 3 points for you, as I do with my clients. For today, I'll simply focus on the 3rd point: getting clear on who you need to hire for what type of job, so that you feel connected, fuelled, and championed to become the type of liberator who liberates others.


In the marketing arena, picture two axes of support: Creative / Strategic axis and Execution / Take Initiative axis.

Virtual Assistant • A VA is on the Execution side of the spectrum. Tell them what to do, and they'll do it. Don't tell them what to do, and not much will get done. This works great if you're a control freak, hehehe.

VAs usually straddle both Creative / Strategic worlds, a Jill-of-all-Trades type of person. Or... they may have neither strategic nor creative bones in their body, but will execute your command to perfection!

Online Business Manager • An OBM is on the Take Initiative side of the spectrum. Let them tell you what to do next, let them chase you down for a blog article or interview deadline. This works great if you're overwhelmed and FINALLY ready to let go and trust the right someone to run the show EVEN better than you can.

OBMs also straddle both Creative / Strategic worlds. In my experience, no one sits exactly on the line. Everyone has a penchant for the more linear strategic / chess playing mind or the creative / splash paint in everywhere mind. Think of an OBM as your day-to-day Operations Manager.

Branding Strategist • A branding strategist is on the Creative side of the spectrum. They'll lead you through exercises to extract your identity, your story, and match it outwardly online. They're much more branding than strategic, as their primary role is to deliver a branding deck or brief to showcase your online identity.

Branding strategists straddle both Execution / Take Initiative worlds. In my experience, their primary talent and passion is capturing the brand and generating ideas for brand recognition, not executing on those ideas, running lead generation campaigns or bringing in the money. <-- Just this insight will save you a ton of irritation, disappointment, time and mis-invested money.

Marketing Strategist • A Marketing Strategist is on the Strategic side of the spectrum. They'll assess all your products, services, funnels and assets and devise a plan based on your goals for reach, income, influence, and/or contribution. They are masterful marketing "chess players". 

Marketing strategists straddle both Execution / Take Initiative worlds, based on your work agreement. Some give you the plan to execute, others execute for you. In my experience, coming up with campaign or design ideas isn't their forte, but once your branding and campaign ideas are clear, they will make them soar!


Obviously, no human is a stationary point on an axis. They're a little of this, a little of that.


Creative Director • A creative director is in the Creative / Take Initiative quadrant. This person holds the brand and vision for the company and guides the others to execute strategically and creatively on all tasks.

You'll be tempted to take on this role if you're the dreamer, idea generator type. So make sure you hire your yin-yang complement. Hiring or partnering up with another dreamer, idea generator type can spell hours and hours of fun and laughter, but very little will get tangibly created and sought through to the very end.

Strategic Director • A strategic director is in the Strategic / Take Initiative quadrant. This person holds the plan and the end goals for the company and guides the others to execute strategically and creatively on all tasks.

You'll be tempted to take on this role if you're the doer, taskmaster type. So make sure you hire your yin-yang complement. Hiring or partnering up with another doer, taskmaster type can spell hundreds and hundreds of tasks completed, but very little play, joy and colorful experimentation.

Lead Generator • A lead generator is in the Strategic / Execution quadrant. If your brand is clear, your message is solid and your products/services outlined, this person can offer done-for-you solutions to flood your business with more leads and potential clients/customers than you know what to do with.

To save you a lot of mis-invested money and emotional suffering that result from disappointment of unmet expectations, clearly write down in a contract what numbers / results they can / can't / will / won't promise and deliver.

Campaign Manager • A campaign manager is in the Execution / Creative quadrant. If your marketing funnels are in place and bring you evergreen profit, this person can be a dream come true because they'll come up with brilliant ideas AND execute them for you, to position you as thought leader and increase your influence and impact in the world.

This is not the ideal person to hire if you need to cashflow your business. Thought leadership takes some time to establish, so be sure to set your expectations of engagement level, subscribers, followers, dollars, euros, pounds, etc. accordingly.


I often remind my clients that freedom isn't free. Nothing comes for free on a freedom quest. If you rely on free apps (which I did for years because I couldn't shake off the "cheap Asian" running through my veins), you will eventually pay the price.

Nothing comes for free on a freedom quest.
– Ellany Lea

Eg. Migrating my mailing list from Mailchimp (only chose it because it was free) to AWeber (because it had customer tagging function), then AWeber to (because it was finally an all-in-one solution I could get onboard with / see How to Avoid Multi-system Chaos).

Eg. Migrating my accounting from Wave Apps (again because it was free) to Zoho Books (paid for it because it had so many features without being a clunky beast), because Wave is slower than a sea cucumber.

All these migrations required undivided attention, time/space, horsepower, and money for tech / finance / VA support when solo horsepower wasn't enough. It's normal to start with the equivalent of "free apps" when hiring your first support members. Remember the bigger cost you inflict on yourself when you lone wolf it with free or cheap apps/people. ;)

Once in a while, you get lucky. Eg. I have a grandfathered plan and plan for free in perpetuity because I jumped onboard early as the first 10% of users. But 90% of the other free tools I've used, mainly and/or just because it was free, I've had to trash and upgrade to a robust suite of freedompreneur tools. Similarly, I found my VA (via a colleague Natalie Sisson) but she's no longer taking new clients.

By Ellany Lea   •   Jul 17, 2019   •   5 Min Read

1,000 Reclamations for Freedom (Part 2) • How Sacred Contracts Unfold in their own Divine Timing

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It's been 6 years (which feels more like 15 years) of snakes and ladders in writing/publishing land, with no book to show for (yet).

And recently, in the last 6 days, I’ve been asked by 3 people who know me, but not each other, “How did you become free?” They each used that same sentence, word for word. Erie, what are the chances?!?

Goodness... where do I even start answering that question... 🤔

  • Well, there's the $100,000 in self-development (see tracker)
  • Then, there's the $100,000 in business investments (I'll create a tracker as well ;) )
  • There are aaaaaall the books I've implemented (actual self-help, not just shelf-help)
  • And the huuuuuundreds of people I've had soul contracts with, big or small, who held a piece of my soul that I had to claim back through experiences of agony, joy, grief, love, betrayal, sweetness, terror, and then some!
  • I tamed the 12 inner saboteurs.
  • I healed, raised and maturated my 12 inner wounded children.
  • I guided my 12 sacred archetypes back home.
  • I cleared and empowered my 12 chakras.
  • I developed emotional, mental and spiritual agility in navigating my 7 inner castles.
  • I harmonized the 40 parts of me, yes 40!!!
  • And on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on!


Why I withhold wisdom from you

I’ve shared stories of liberation through out the years, but I've withheld maaaaaany more stories, because:

Reason no. 3 • It's the nature of greatness to mirror back to people their own inadequacy. And so there are two camps of reactivity: one camp willingly looks in the mirror and gets inspired to rise, while the other camp shuts their eyes tight, tight, tight, and wields out their Thor-like ax to hack the mirror/me down. Sadly (or not even sadly, just factually), most humans are in the latter camp. Gratefully and gracefully, you my precious readers, are in the first camp.

Reason no. 2 • I've been burned at the stake, public execution style, more times than I can count, for speaking truth. And I'm so done with that. I've got countries to travel, people to love, life to live. The haters can keep their matches and their stakes, I'm so done being their BBQ briquet.

Reason no. 1 • I was afraid that if I told you about every single fire hoop you'd have to jump through, every agonizing heartbreak you'd endure, every gut-wrenching loss you'd grieve, and every terrifying abyss you'd free fall into, then you wouldn't pursue freedom anymore. And that'd my fault. Your lack of freedom would be my fault.

Do you know what ‘Collapsing’ is?

This is where 'collapsing' comes into the picture. In coaching lingo, 'collapsing' is falsely equating two concepts, by way of a common denominator.

  • Example: I'm happy when I have money, thus happiness = money. I'm also happy when I feel worthy, thus happiness = self-worth. Collapsing occurs when our mind, upbringing and/or social conditioning creates a false equation money = self-worth, because they have a common denominator (happiness).

Thus so many women fry their adrenals in pursuit of money to keep up their level of self-worth and/or they shame spiral into "I have no money, therefore I am a worthless piece of shit" thinking.

In my case, the common denominator was my role.

  • It's my duty to hold up the sky for my family and the world, thus my role = duty. And everything is my fault, thus my role = assume fault. And so the collapse is duty = assume fault, via the common denominator of my role.

Thus, if I tell you about all the hoops, heartbreaks, grief and terror required to be free, and that dissuades you from pursuing your fullest freedom, then it's my fault. Pretty f*cked up, eh?


The Power of Reclamation • Collecting Stones and Horcruxes

Years ago, I ready Sacred Contract [link book] by Caroline Myss, where she describes how our soul shatters into 1,000 fragments when incarnating to Earth, and we spend our lives collecting all of them back (from people, situations, etc.) to become whole again. I knew that was the truth.

Then just this year, I watched the Harry Potter series for the first time and had such déjà-vu, but couldn't put my finger on it. The team of heroes and heroines were on a quest to collect 7 Horcruxes in order to destroy evil. And it was only after I watched the Avengers: Endgame movie, where heroes and heroines were also on a quest to collect 6 Infinity Stones to restore good that a cataclysmic aha hit me:

  • This is what I've been doing all this time!!! I was doing freedompreneurship, yes, but the bigger picture was that I was on a spiritual quest to reclaim the 1,000 fragments of my soul to become whole again, to become truly free. 🤯🥊🤯🥊

In one instant (plus 6 years of wrangling my book, plus "Ayahuasca Plus 10 Years", plus 98 previous lifetimes), the answer to:

  • What's the thread weaving my story together?
  • How do I answer for you the question of, "How did you become free?"

... converged into one single elegant answer: I tell you about the 1,000 reclamations of my soul. 🤯🌋🤯🌋🤯🌋

If I shared 1 reclamation a day, it’d take about 3 years to tell you the whole story of 1,000 reclamations. Are you ready? Hold on to your hat! I know I am 🎩


1,000 Reclamations for Freedom

💎 Reclaimed clarity of who to hire for what business need

💎 Reclaimed the truth that nothing comes for free on a freedom quest

💎 Reclaimed the value of paid apps / team members and shed my “cheap Asian” inheritance

+3 reclamations



Have you noticed I've not once used the words "social media expert" so far? It's because social media is an expertise/skill that the above 8 roles have to varying degrees. Hiring a social media expert without knowing the bigger picture of why you're hiring them and what major role they'll play is moot.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: you'll fast track your success and liberation by doing the right things (which you are doing), in the right order (which you likely aren't doing).

Hire people who believe what you believe and they'll work with their passion, creativity, soul and dedication. Don't hire people who need a job and they'll work for money and deliver the very minimal.

Pursue a common dream, rather than fame, and your soul is guaranteed to feel fulfilled. In my 7 years of building a boutique coaching business while traveling 100+ countries, my only regret is that I myself didn't do things in the right order.

What's the right order?

STEP 1 • Do the soul digging work to answer these 3 questions in one sentence:

As a lifelong learner, what are you here to teach?
As a freedom seeker, who are you here to liberate?
As a creative trailblazer, why are you here?

STEP 2 • Capture your brand

STEP 3 • Set up a clear multi-step funnel for your ideal client/customer

STEP 4 • Fill it to the brim with ideal clients/customers via content marketing, amplified by lead generation

Easy, right? Lol. No. 

If ever you need a loving hand, book a Clarity Session and I'll be your spiritual windex (<-- a client called me this the other day!) 

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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Ellany LeaAUTHOR • When Ellany said yes to freedompreneurship, she had no idea it'd turn into a spiritual quest of reclaiming the 1,000 pieces of her soul. #1000reclamations