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Many of my closest gal pals are also coaches, or leadership consultants, counselors, therapists, healers, intuitives, empaths and highly sensitive persons, etc.

We have often laughed and asked each other, “Is there a guidebook on how to date a coach?” Our dates, boyfriends or partners have found it unfair and/or unnerving that we could read his thoughts and feelings with diamond tip precision.


The Answer Is No...

No, there is no guidebook. 

A few years back, at a self-development / relationship workshop, when asked what my greatest dream was, I answered:

  • My dream is to add 5 checkboxes to all marriage licenses


Yes, I have completed at least 4 months of humanitarian aid overseas. [To develop empathy, compassion, minimalism, and light-heartedness]


Yes, I have completed at least 4 months of military training. [To develop discipline, resilience, teamwork, and communication]


Yes, I have completed at least 4 months of leadership training. [To develop trust, intuition, problem solving skills, deep listening skills, and communication]


Yes, I have completed at least 4 months of therapy. (Every single human on the planet needs therapy, some more than others, but if you think you're exempt, it means you really, really need therapy, lol!) [To develop self-worth, self-esteem, self-compassion and power]


Yes, I have read Gary Chapman's The 5 Languages of Love and am clear which language(s) I use to give love and which language(s) I need to receive love.


Yes, I have read John Gray's Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and understand the fundamental differences between men and women.


Yes, I have applied at least 80% of lessons from Alison Armstrong’s Celebrating Partnership book.


Yes, I fully understand the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad and have discussed my financial past, present and future with my partner.

If you don’t check all these boxes, you are not granted a legal marriage license. How cool would that be?!?


Immigrant Children are Now Adults

Can you imagine a world where marriages are bloomed from a place of emotional maturity, self-awareness, deep compassion for others and financial consciousness?

There's a BIG generation of immigrant children, raised by parents with fractured self-esteem, insecure attachment styles and no self-worth. These children are now adults and have unfortunately inherited some of that brokeness.


My Husband Just Can’t Keep Up

One friend (who started out as a client) suggested we start a "My Husband Just Can’t Keep Up" club / support group. We laughed, and quickly realized that we preferred a "I have done all the required self work to attract a husband who can keep up" club.

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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