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Do you ever wonder why you do certain things, and why you don't do certain things?

On our path of personal growth, most everything can be traced back to our core values. When we do things that are aligned with our values, we experience more freedom, flow, magic and joy. When our values have been compromised by ourselves or by others, that's when we feel disconnected, riddled with dilemmas, anxious, even lonely, and stressed.



What are your Top TWO Values?

Can you succinctly name the top 2 that you live by?

Abundance Fulfillment Peace
Accountability Fun / Play Perseverance
Accuracy Generosity Physicality / Embodiement
Achievement Grace Practicality
Acknowledgement Gratitude Presence
Adaptability Growth Productivity
Adventure Happiness Purpose
Altruism Harmony Reliability
Ambition Health Resourcefulness
Authenticity Home Resilience
Balance Hope Respect
Beauty Humility Responsibility
Belonging Humor Romance
Calm Idealism Risk taking
Collaboration Inclusion Safety
Communication Independence Self-discipline
Compassion Initiative Self-expression
Confidence Integrity / Alignment Serenity
Connection Intimacy Sexuality / Pleasure
Consciousness Intuition Simplicity
Contribution Joy Spaciousness
Courage Justice Spirituality
Creativity Kindness Spontaneity
Curiosity Knowledge Sportsmanship
Diversity Leadership Stewardship
Efficiency Learning Strength
Empowerment Logic Success
Entrepreneurship Love Time
Equality Loyalty Tradition
Ethics Mastery Triumph
Excellence Minimalism Trust
Fairness Nature Truth
Faith Novelty Understanding
Family Oneness Vision
Financial stability Openness Wealth
Flow Optimism Wholeness
Focus Order Wisdom
Forgiveness Originality Others • Non-conformity
Freedom Passion Others • Grit
Friendship Patience Others • Inner mastery

Any values you'd add to the list beyond synonyms of existing ones?


My Top Values

Although I embrace 80 of the above values listed, my top 2 core values of freedom, love, wealth, philanthropy and adventure are the ones I live and breathe by. Every day. Oh wait, that's 5. Darn overachiever, can't just pick 2, huh Ella? Ever since I made the choice to live by my values, moment to moment, regardless of what others may think, my life has been so simple and effortless.

Your values are your internal compass that guides you to:

  • make decisions quickly without regret,
  • step into uncertainty, trusting that what is to come is even greater than anything you could have foreseen, and
  • wake up fulfilled that you are the best version of yourself and making a difference in other people's lives!


Discovering your Values

There are certain things in business and life that you are just not meant to do alone. You can, but its' so much better to do them with people by your side, championing you on.

As an overachiever, or as a human being in general, one of the hardest things in life is to ask for help. I know. I never asked for help. Ever. Until I learned (the hard way) that it doesn't make me weak, incapable, imperfect or less valuable of a person to ask for help.

What a paradox: asking for help made me even stronger, more capable, and more valuable to my clients and to the world. Go figure!

If you need a boost in discovering, applying and living by your values, sign up for a chance to win a free Breakthrough Session (availability permitting). I'm thrilled to support you!

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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