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My friend Carly and I first came up with the idea of writing letters to our childhood self as a way to develop our quest, our mission as leaders on this planet.

As I wrote letters to my 7, 14, 21 year old self, I realized that even though I'm a grown ass woman who owns real-estate, has raveled 40+ countries with 8 successful careers, I still a hug, a pat on the back and a gold star from time to time.



Hong Kong 2010 © Ellany Lea

Here's what I wish my parents would have told me at 28! Since they weren't able to, I became my own parent with this letter to my 28-year old self.

Dear 28-year old Ella,

This is the year of breakdowns and breakthroughs. This is the year when 50 tons of deeply suppressed shame and failure come busting out the volcano of you. This is the year the Universe bitch slaps you in the face, strips away everything you thought you held dear, so that you wake up to what really matters.

This is also the year where you realize that your life HAD to happen this way: you wouldn't listen, so the Universe threw a stone at you. You wouldn't listen, so the Universe threw a brick at you. You still wouldn't listen until it threw a meteor at you. Then and only then did the lessons you needed to learn penetrate all your armors, passed your thick stubborn head.

You are a powerful force of nature. No one has ever known how to support or champion you, even if they loved you dearly and wanted to help. You're on the verge of the greatest entrepreneurial endeavor you've ever known.

Keep trying new things, keep smiling, keep making new friends, keep working diligently, and keep exploring the world like it's a magical candy shop. You're about to meet the greatest loves of your life!




Can you even dream it yet?

At 28, I was incapable of dreaming up the kind of freedom I have today. I don't just mean being financially free, but time free, location free, emotionally free, and spiritually free. Free from all shades of guilt, duties, expectations, filial piety, inadequacy, self-flagellation and self-destruction.

With that freedom, comes love and prosperity. I mean, is there anything better?

With infinite grace, freedom on!

xo, Ella

Ellany LeaAUTHOR • Hi, I'm Ella, founder of Guide to Grace. I invite you to join me for an exquisite freedom at the intersection of: entrepreneurship, enlightenment, and enchantment.