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Storytelling is powerful. Telling a Hero's Journey (often, a slaying of external dragons) or a Heroine's Journey (often, a slaying of internal demons) is powerful.

So I wonder what the telling of a Liberator's Journey would look like...  From thousands of conversations, interviews and coaching sessions with our tribe of women founders, overachievers and trailblazers, this is what I've discovered :O

Step 1. Freedom Seeker

As a globetrotting overachieving woman entrepreneur, the Liberator starts as a seeker. She values, yearns and lives for freedom: time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom, mental freedom, emotional freedom, physical freedom, and spiritual freedom (ie peace).

Eg. Cassie had a go around with drop shipping, MLM pyramiding, and affiliate marketing, in hopes of residual income to secure the first 3 types of freedom: time, location and financial.


Step 2. E-course Ploughed Through

Soon, the Liberator realises that these products have no meaning to her. So she works like an ox, as patriarchy taught her, to plough through all obstacles to churn out an e-course. She burns her adrenals, exhausts her vitality and traumatizes her nervous system.

Eg. Shasheen poured every cent she had to hire a video crew, plus hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc. etc. etc. to film and edit her e-course. She denied herself weeks of much needed sleep, so she can promote the course and recoup her investment.

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
– Simon Sinek

Step 3. Digging of the Why

When all the ox-ing yields low (or no) sales, the Liberator plunges into an abyss of "WTF?!? I did everything right!?!" Then mentors and angels come along with, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it," pluging the Liberator deeper into digging for her Why, her soul brand.


Step 4. Slaying of Patriarchy

With external (mentors) and internal (angels) helpers, the Liberator now understands entrepreneurship as a spiritual quest, where she must face and heal her self-sabotaging demons, indoctrinated by patriarchy and internalized as truth. She slays and slays until she cannot slay anymore.

Eg. When the rest of the world is done slaying, Priya, as an overachiever, slays and slays and slays and slays and slays and slays some more. When she is finally brought to her knees, she hears the Universe weeping from witnessing Priya marred in blood and crying for mercy, knowing Priya could have stopped slaying 6 slays ago. Then, and only then, does Priya surrender... to Grace.

As a creator, why am I here?

Step 5. Revelation of Sacred Contract

After such a death and rebirth, Grace gifts the Liberator visions of her sacred contract, the mission to fulfil on Earth School. Most are here to develop a soul with stamina. But the Liberator is here to surrender her already-mofo-strong-stamina, which then earns her an answer to, "Why am I here?"

Eg. Kim, having quite a $135,000 job, travelled the world to inspire others to travel. She tried daily vlogging, speaking to tourism boards, and organising global retreats. After she surrendered to Grace, she realised she was here to aid others in digging up their Why. It had nothing to do with travel.

As a freedom seeker, who am I here to liberate?

Step 6. Claiming of Soul Tribe

The Liberator's sacred contract catapults her into a powerful role reversal: instead of her soul being ox-whipped by her ego, her ego now bows in service to her soul. In this spiritual switcheroo, she is empowered to finally claim her soul tribe, the 1,000 people she is meant to liberate.

Eg. Tammy read Seth Godin's book Tribe, where she realised that 1,000 of her true people is more meaningful, fulfilling and freeing than world domination and ox-dom.

As a lifelong learner, what am I here to teach?

Step 7. Masterclass Surrendered

Now that the Liberator is clear on her Why and her Who, on this last leg of soul maturation towards lifestyle freedom, she makes a quantum leap from lifelong learner to masterful teacher. What she is meant to teach floods to and through her with effortless ease.

Eg. Krista has been teaching nutrition for 7 years. On the path of Grace, she realised that her masterclass was not for her clients, but for fellow nutritionists who want to empower Eastern medicine in the West. She surrendered what she already knew and her class sold like hot cakes!

The function of freedom is to free someone else.
— Toni Morrison

Step 8. Liberator

By fulfilling her soul's sacred contract, by claiming her people, by masterfully teaching them, the Liberator has shed her Freedom Seeker self to reunite with her Liberator self, thus earning the keys to the 4 other types of freedom: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Eg. To borrow a saying from my Ayahuasca School, the Liberator has mastered the Art of remembering what the soul already knows and is able to communicate that art to her tribe. She gains the keys to unlock infinite peace, joy and prosperity.


The Difference between an E-course and a Masterclass

The Freedom Seeker began her journey seeking her own time, location and financial freedom. So she churned out a patriarchal-indoctrinated e-course. On the journey of soul maturation towards lifestyle freedom, she exits as her true self, as a Liberator, with all 7 freedoms, and a sacred contract-filling masterclass for her tribe.

The last question on the road home to self as a Liberator is, "How am I here to guide?" Oh yes, the infamous How. I will reverse engineer the process for you in next week's post!

In the meantime, take the...

Overachiever Personality Test


P.S. The journey never ends. As soon as the Liberator gets itchy feet, contracts another travel bug and/or succumbs to shiny object syndrome, she'll embark on this journey, all over again. And around and around we go!

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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