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30 Experiences to Have by 30 (Part 1)
30 Experiences to Have by 30 (Part 2)
30 Experiences to Have by 30 (Part 3)


1) Work in Africa

Decide on Oct 19 that you want to go live and work in Africa and by January 4, land both feet in Rwanda, employed, insured, vaccinated, and police-checked.

Buy experiences, not things.  Rwanda 2007 © Ellany Lea


2) Take an Around-the-World Trip

Travel and experience 40+ countries for mind-opening education, heart-opening volunteer projects, and spiritual awakening.

Buy experiences, not things.  Namibia 2005 © Ellany Lea


3) Get your Heart Broken

Have your heart broken, know what deep shame really feels like, and emerge seeing this experience as the greatest life-saving gift that was ever betowed upon you.

Buy experiences, not things.  ©


4) Build your own Business

Grow your very own success and wealth coaching business, taking it from survive to thrive, and forever transform 400+ lives.


Buy experiences, not things.  Zimbabwe 2005 © Ellany Lea


5) Move to New York City

Line up 5 interviews in 5 days, and by day 6 move your entire life from Vancouver, Canada to New York City, USA.

Buy experiences, not things.  New York City 2010 © Ellany Lea


6) Be your own Matchmaker

Read EVERY single book with the word "love," "dating," and "relationship" in it, and effortlessly attract the love of your life and recognize your twin soul.

Buy experiences, not things.  ©


7) Foster a Cash Cow

Be hyper open to the Universe's gifts and turn a disappointing relationship into the greatest real-estate cash cow you've ever known.

Buy experiences, not things.  Vancouver, BC 2011 © Ellany Lea


8) Invest in Yourself

Invest $25,000+ in Leadership and personal development programs, and viscerally experience what it means to trust, let go, and be yourself.

Buy experiences, not things.  California, USA 2014 © Ellany Lea


9) Graduate Debt-free

Graduate McGill University with no student loan, $20,000 in savings, and a first full-time job with no interview.

Buy experiences, not things.  Montreal, QC 2005 © Ellany Lea


10) Feel the Pain

Allow yourself the time and space to process the deepest of pains to the point where your body is wildly convulsing.. it's the only way to be free of it because what you resist persists.

Buy experiences, not things.  California, USA 2014 © Ellany Lea

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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