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1) Own your own Home

Buy and own the home of your dreams by the beach, not too far from the Pacific Ocean.



Buy experiences, not things.  © Ellany Lea

2) Quit Corporate Prison

Take a Friday off and on the following Monday, hand in your letter of resignation, forever quit the corporate prison, and have a big party to mark this occasion.



Buy experiences, not things.  © Ellany Lea

3) Move in Quickly

Move in with the love of your life after dating for only 2 months, because when you know, you just know.



Buy experiences, not things.  © Ellany Lea

4) Sever your Asian Roots

Free yourself from the "Asian parents" syndrome:

  • free yourself from scarcity mindset
  • free yourself fom coupon clipping
  • free yourself from "life is hard"
  • free yourself from "the world is out to get you"
  • free yourself from "always put every single other person before yourself"
  • free yourself from "don't show any emotions"
  • free yourself from "save face, look good even if it's fake"
  • free yourself from the guilt of having to provide for your parents
  • free yourself from "you are not good enough unless you are featured in newspapers"
  • free yourself from "why are you not married yet?"
  • free yourself from "why don't you have kids yet?"



Buy experiences, not things.  © Ellany Lea

5) Risk for Love

Risk it and move half way around the world for a guy who loves you... conditionally. Pull the exit chute as soon as you feel that "off" feeling, never stoop to his level, and celebrate BIG TIME that you dodged a bullet!



Buy experiences, not things.  Costa Rica 2010 © Ellany Lea

6) Live by your Values

Make your decisions based on your unique values and develop your intuition so that it becomes your inner compass in life.



Buy experiences, not things.  Nepal 2008 © Ellany Lea

7) Reach out for Help

Cry yourself to sleep for 6 months, but keep listening to that inner glimmer of hope that has you reach out to a mentor, who brings you out of the depths of depression.



Buy experiences, not things.  © Ellany Lea

8) Live your Life with Purpose

Discover, own and live your life purpose every day. If you don't know what you want to do or who you want to be for the rest of your life, get a coach. NOW.



Buy experiences, not things.  Bolivia 2012 © Ellany Lea

9) Get a Success Coach

Invest $1,200+ per month to hire THE BEST coach/mentor available to get you unstuck, help you get over yourself, and fast-track your success and wealth mastery!!

Buy experiences, not things.  Zimbabwe 2005 © Ellany Lea

10) Dangle Upside Down

Flip around and dangle upside down on aerial silks and overcome the stereotype of "proper girls" only use their brain.



Buy experiences, not things. Hong Kong 2010 © Ellany Lea

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

weekly grace for the freedom seeker's Soul

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