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1) Prioritize your Health

Have a burnout and be conscious enough to re-prioritize your health to the top, so that your body has a metabolic age of 19... which is 11 years younger than your chronological age.



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2) Develop Easy Habits

Develop easy and healthy habits to live by, such as a morning walk on the beach, rain or shine, with your superfood smoothie.

Buy experiences, not things.  © Ellany Lea

3) Make Money while you Sleep

Develop business and/or real-estate assets that will pay you $4,500/month, while you only put in 10 hours of light work that month.



Buy experiences, not things.  © Ellany Lea

Part 1 of 3 in a blog series 30 Experiences to Have by 30:

4) Cultivate Pro-active Friendships

Pro-actively reach out to friends, nurture friendships and have 3-4hr long Skype conversations about life, love, money, sex, and everything.



Buy experiences, not things.  Nepal 2008 © Ellany Lea

5) Meditate Daily

Meditate and gain inner peace within yourself, expansive love with your life partner, blissful joy with your life purpose, and deep fulfillment with your career.



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6) Live in Fresh Air

Live in Vancouver, Canada, with fresh air, green outdoor space, and bright airy home space, free of visa issues and instability.



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7) Read a Book a Week

Read a book a week and know that it's possible to be financially independent by 35 no matter who you are. I <heart> audibooks!



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8) Be Different

Know in every cell of your body that you're different (thank god!), that you matter, that you belong, that you own your voice, and that it's time to stop hiding for fear of being seen. Stop caring what others may think!



Buy experiences, not things.  © Ellany Lea

9) Become an ex-perfectionist

Realize the blissful freedom of overcoming perfectionism. Notice when your Perfectionist attacks you and stop what you're doing, even if it feels uncomfortable. Day by day, it will loosen its choke hold.



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10) Discover your true power

Discover your true power in melting people's hearts and bringing an entire room of leaders down to their knees in tears, within 30 seconds, with very few words.



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Part 1 of 3 in a blog series 30 Experiences to Have by 30:

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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