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Would you trust a financial planner who can't afford a car? Would you get trained by a fitness instructor who was sickly? Would you hire a business mentor who couldn't pay their bills? No, you wouldn't. They aren't walking their talk.


A Reverse Bucket List

I see it all the time, especially amongst overachievers: we achieve something, then fall into existential depression wondering what the next thing will be. We succumb to anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

To flip that on its arse, I created the Post-it Wall of Greatness for my clients as:

  1. an antidote to that existential depression, and
  2. as a reverse Bucket List, a reminder of all the dreams that we've already achieved.

It is not for bragging or ego fluffing purposes. It's a celebration of how far we've already come, a powerful reminder of all the courage, and strength we've already shown. It's supercharged fuel for the road ahead.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
– Marianne Williamson

my wall of greatness

I am all about and only about walking my talk. If I coach my client to conquer their fear, I've conquered mine. If I coach a client to take a leap of faith, I've taken mine.

To all the people who said we were too big, too much, or too boastful, may they one day create their own Post-it Wall of Greatness and see their own greatness.

Here's mine:

  1. Semi-retired at age 31

  2. Working because I looooove what I do, not because I have to pay the bills

  3. Lived, worked, volunteered and played in 41 countries by age 30

  4. Graduated from McGill University (with $20,000 in savings, no student loans, no help from parents)

  5. Earned $80,000 in scholarships and awards by age 23

  6. Bought my dream home by the beach at 29 (no loan from parents, no trust fund, no inheritance)

  7. Celebrated the 15th anniversary of my consulting and coaching business at 30

  8. Kept a gratitude journal (Book of Smiles) since 1999 with 3 reasons daily why I smile/laugh everyday

  9. Have 3 soulmate bestfriends (the kind who would fly to you in a heartbeat if you needed them)

  10. Have 12 best girlfriends who keep me inspired and motivated

  11. Go to sleep grateful every single night

  12. Wake up fulfilled every single morning

  13. Helped bestfriend experience freedom from 20 years of migraines

  14. Gave the gift of vibrant health to myself and my loved ones

  15. Took leaps of faith, experienced heartbreak and emerged epically strong and wholeheartedly grateful for the experience

  16. Dream career with the United Nations

  17. Co-actively coached my mom out of 30 years of victim mentality!

  18. Repaired my own victim mentality in regards to gender, social expectations, and family obligations

  19. Created significant residual income at age 30

  20. Elevated my self-worth to break free from a conditionally loving relationship

  21. Sponsored both my brothers to start their own businesses

  22. Developed the spiritual power to manifest abundance

  23. Have an amazing metabolism and discovered the key to keeping it forever

  24. Earned the TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Outstanding Community Leadership in 2001 (awarded to top 20 students from 3,500 applicants across all of Canada)

  25. Dream career with Doctors Without Borders and their 11 offices worldwide

  26. Lived a dream life in NYC, a stone throw from Times Square and Central Park

  27. Filled a 24 page passport way before it expired

  28. Got a super-size-me 48 page passport which is almost full

  29. Put a $20,000 down-payment on my parents’ home

  30. Put $10,000 toward my parents’ car

  31. Sponsored 64 nutritionally needy children and effectively saved 16 precious little lives

  32. According to the Omron scale, my body is 11 years younger than my actual age

  33. Dream career with Action Against Hunger and their 3 offices worldwide

  34. Helped my parents raise my brothers

  35. Professionally trained through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) by age 30

  36. Did my parents' taxes and managed family budget as a teenager

  37. Financially independent and living on my own at age 21

  38. Until this day, still able to sleep anywhere, anytime, sitting, standing, on a plane, in a chair, you name it

  39. Volunteered 1,000 hours in 6 months (that’s about 5hrs a day)

  40. Volunteered with UNV in Kenya

  41. Volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in Fiji

  42. Volunteered with Hoa Sua Vocational School in Vietnam

  43. Volunteered with Engineers Without Borders in Nepal

  44. Volunteered with VSO in Rwanda

  45. Created 6-figure income at age 28

  46. As an adult learned to figure skate and landed a single toe loop jump

  47. As an adult learned aerial silk and perfected a 20-feet slack drop

  48. Learned to sew and make my own dress, purse, bag, jacket

  49. Learned to knit and made my own yoga bag, mittens, scarf

  50. Trained and certified in antigravity yoga

  51. Surfing in Nicaragua

  52. Parasailing in Costa Rica

  53. Microlighting in Zimbabwe

  54. Paragliding in Nepal

  55. Watching sea turtles hatch in Nicaragua

  56. Learned to communicate with my body by way of Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic care

  57. Moved my entire family to Vancouver (packing, logistics, school enrollments, buying new home, renovating old home, flights, you name it!)

  58. Recycle diligently and buy only the minimum of what I need

  59. Discovered self-love and self-care

  60. Kept in touch with friends from 58 countries around the world

  61. Don't own a car and have very low carbon footprint on our Earth
  62. Take huuuuge risks, in leaps and bounds

  63. Within 5 days, lined up 5 interviews, got several offers, flew home, packed my bags and moved my entire life to NYC

  64. Meditate daily and can hear new neural pathways forming

  65. Kiss the ground my mentors walk on

  66. Jumping out of bed in the morning, excited about my day and my life!

  67. Haven’t had a cold in 4.5 years

  68. Conquered my greatest fear of shining too bright and losing all my friends (I realize now that they weren't true friends, but how is a teenager supposed to know that?)

  69. Full scholarship semester abroad at National University of Singapore

  70. On one trip: met up with bestfriend in Nepal, visited other friend in India (whom I met in California), attended other friend’s wedding in London (whom I met in Rwanda)

  71. On another trip: went to France to visit friends, took a train to Austria to visit another friend (whom I met in Rwanda), then visited another friend in Czech Republic (whom I met in Kenya)

  72. Speak English, French, Mandarin and Spanish

  73. Always do what I say, committed to my word

  74. Start every morning with smoothie: kale, 5 berries, chia seed, hemp hearts, flax seed, sesame seed, pumpkin seed, almond butter, coconut oil, oats, metagreens, berry antioxidants, aloe, bam!

  75. Love my niece and newphew to pieces

  76. Havinf a soulmate big sister

  77. Have business partners who are all heart, business saavy, deeply connected and give, give, give generous

  78. Always put people first, people before business

  79. Treat myself and rotate through weekly holistic chiropractor, holistic massage therapist, wealth coach and holistic naturopath, then repeat

  80. Saved a ton of money by shopping on in the US

  81. Being held and experiencing time standing still

  82. Being proposed to… several times

  83. Knowing when it’s time to quit, and pulling the plug quick and clean

  84. Knowing when it’s time to take a risk and commit 101%

  85. Hired a kickass financial planner

  86. Hired a kickass accountant

  87. Redid my own taxes and got $8,000 back in refunds (never trust a Chinese guy with a rinky dinky table and desk, sitting in the hallway in a Chinatown community center)

  88. Created deep relationships and friendships no matter where I go

  89. Bring so much joy and pride to my parents (even though they’d never express it… sigh)

  90. Have learned that crying from the heart is not a sign of weakness, but of daring greatly in authenticity and vulnerability

  91. Go above and beyond for my clients

  92. Felt tremendous fear and did it anyways

  93. Interviewed on national TV several times

  94. Appeared in national newspapers several times

  95. Constantly learning, reading, self-developing, and showing kindness

  96. Embodying a life of service and philanthropy

  97. Magnetize clients with ease and grace

  98. Courage to live waaaaaaay outside the box

  99. Fulfilled every dream I set my mind and my heart on

  100. Every year, donate and additional 1% to philanthropic causes that empower women and girls

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
– Marianne Williamson

Celebrating Women Overachievers Around the World




What's next?

  1. Take out 100 post-its
  2. Draw checkmarks on each of them
  3. Then write an achievement over each checkmark
  4. Stand back and be in awe of your greatness!
  5. Bonus • Invite 12 friends over to admire your wall ;)

In the comments, share a link to your Post-it Wall of Greatness!

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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