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How are you? star2 I never heard of the word 'branding' until I went to Courage Camp with Brené Brown. She was telling us about her business expansion plans and mentioned the team she hired to redo her website back in 2015.

She just wanted the goods, the website, but they insisted that she go through a full branding exercise. I loved Brené's facial expressions as she recounted how uncomfortable and challenging that was. You too have probably experienced that barf-inducing discomfort with your own "About Me" page.

Branding is not easy because it's about:

  1. reaching and articulating the core of authentic identity and
  2. aligning soul identity with heart identity, with mind identity, with body identity



Do you know about the four stages of adult learning? They're the stages adults go through to grow and become.

Stage 1 • Unconscious Incompetence

This is when you don't know that you don't know. So you're happy as a clam! Ignorance is bliss.

Stage 2 • Conscious Incompetence

This is when you become painfully aware that you don't know or can't do something. This stage produces LOTS of self-development junkies and lots of one-woman-show solopreneurs. I know, I've been there.

Stage 3 • Conscious Competence

This is when you've got it. The worst is over, you're competent, even though it isn't yet second nature. Lots of women entrepreneurs are at this stage, having taken on every skill, every training, every role CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CHRO... and are on the brink of burnout, barely remembering what a vacation felt like.

Stage 4 • Unconscious Competence

This is when things come naturally to you. In fact, you aren't even aware anymore that things are so natural to you. You just are. You exist, you do you, and results are results. The downside is that you no longer see your gifts as gifts, because to you, it's sooooooooooooooooo obvious. You're just you. It just is. 

  • Example 1 • You love making money. It comes naturally to you. So you have no idea how much others struggle to make money. You'd make a great channel/guide in championing others to prosper, but it never occurs to you because your competence is at unconscious to you.
  • Example 2 • You're highly empathetic. You feel everything from everyone else. You're so deep in that world that it never occurs to you that millions of people can't feel, don't know how to feel, or are investing thousands to acquire the skill of empathy. You had no idea it's a skill because it's just who you were/are.



So what is branding, in one single world? It's seeing.

It's doing the inner mastery work to shed all our (to borrow from one of my favourites clients, Sara) rusty crusty shells in order to see, in order to make our Stage 4 unconscious competence conscious again.


So why don't we all go through a full branding exercise for our business? Because wounded patriarchy has taught us to do the right things... but in the wrong order.







So, what'll it be? Who will captain your ship? Patriarchy, perfectionism, hustling, awakening or grace? 

8 examples of doing the right things in the right order



💎 Reclaimed the power of making conscious our gifts

💎 Reclaimed my innate empath nature as a hyper valuable skill that millions need

💎 Reclaimed my leadership/advocacy of doing the right things in the right order

💎 Reclaimed my ability to see beyond what patriarchy suggests

💎 Reclaimed full permission to build my business with grace


With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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