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Every business needs a welcome video that encapsulates who you are, what you do, who your business is (brand) and what it does.

Let's say 3:30min. Simple. Straight-forward. Opening scene showcases your logo, brand name, and slogan. Bookend it with an intro and outro "talking head", with the who / why / how / what in the middle.

What your branding or marketing strategist (or even your solopreneur self) didn't know is the ENORMITY of the personal, spiritual and tribal work needed to co-create a welcome video that makes your heart sing, your eyes twinkle, and your wings soar to the cosmos.

They weren't born or trained to know the 90% iceberg beneath the surface. Neither were you.


Identity Beneath the surface

So with a mega dose of self-compassion, let's reverse engineer the process of creating Guide to Grace's welcome video under 3:30min, so that you too can reach an exquisite freedom at the intersection of: enlightenment, entrepreneurship and enchantment.

Brand + Logo + Slogan

Where did those puzzle pieces emerge from?

From absorbing my RAWFEM co-founder Anne's excellent eye for design, which was made possible from shedding decades of shame shields for being a High Sensitive Person (HSP) and from Seeing (with a capital 'S') that I'm not broken. I just happen to have an X-Men ability to absorb others' talent through touch. Who freakin' knew?!?

From tinkering around in Photoshop during white space time, which came from embracing my inner geek during high school even when I was mercilessly bullied for being too smart.

From a rebranding ($5,000) prompted by my legal name change, which came from my dad passing away from a very sudden heart attack, which lead to scarcity leaving my body, without me doing anything.

From tolerating years of discomfort from 4 previous "meh" logos + rebrands, which meant wrestling my inner perfectionist down like an alligator and getting back up bloodied and marred.

From facing how I used busyness to numb out discomfort, which lead to learning the value of setting and maintaining boundaries, making me unpopular but oh-so-sweetly happy and free.

From knowing who I really am through CTI's Leadership course ($15,000), in which they did Archetypal Typing of my impact and mirrored back my actual essence, so I can shed my culturally domesticated or socially indoctrinated shells.

From shedding layers of shame through The Daring Way ($3,500) for failing to become the best eldest son and white man I could be.

From recovering from shame spirals for 3 failed attempts at publishing an e-book, which at a soul level lead me to clarity of the term "Guide" in my brand.

From realising after "Ayhuasca + 10 Years" that:

  1. The reason I've cried more tears than twice the Earth's oceans is because something was trying to get out for two decades... That something was... Grace!
  2. "Guide" + "Grace" = Guide to Grace!!! Baboom :O
  3. There are three parts to a guided quest towards soul maturation and lifestyle freedom, hence the 3 swirls in the logo.

Intro / Outro messages

Where did those puzzle pieces emerge from?

From ending the resistance to recording my voice (I hated hearing the sound of it!!!), which came from a ton of self-work around confronting the ego and changing my 6 senses at a molecular level. [Hehehe, I bet your branding strategist didn't mention molecular changes as part of a welcome video! :D]

From knowing what my top self-sabotage tendencies were/are (Perfectionist, Hyperachiever, Restless) and doing the self-work to master them. No woman entrepreneur ever published a masterclass with a perfectionist or people-pleaser at the helm.

From using the energy trapped in my lower 3 "survive" chakras to open up my upper 4 "thrive" chakras, especially my self-expression throat chakra, without fear of being hacked down to size by small people too afraid to rise.

From overcoming the fear of being seen, often rooted in trauma, which causes the body to viscerally fear being ostracised by the tribe (ie fear of slow death) or chopped down to size and incapacitated (ie fear of flow death). [Hehehe, I bet your marketing strategist didn't bring up the words "slow death" when preparing your welcome video! :D]

From overcoming the fear of success, which is rooted in the potential loss of safety and belonging (eg. What if I get too successful and my bestfriends aren't my bestfriends anymore?).

From amassing an epic mountain of courage to break away from the norm and be myself, which was ultra hard because myself happens to be the "minority" bias of what society deems "better" (Eg. A woman in a male dominated world, a quiet introvert in a rah-rah-rah=leadership model, a coloured person in white supremacy culture, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.).

From uncovering my Sacred Contracts, aka my soul's purpose in this reincarnation, which meant embracing all my archetypes and their shadows and placing them into their respective cosmological houses to understand the whole.

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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Author • Ellany Lea is a success coach, master freedompreneur, and modern mystic. She writes about collecting the 4 types of knowing as a pathway to total freedom.