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This is Part 2/2 of What Marketing Strategists Don't Know about Creating Business Welcome Videos

Every business needs a welcome video (who you are, what you do, who your business is (brand), what it does. What entrepreneurs don't know is the ENORMITY of the personal, spiritual and tribal work needed to co-create a welcome video that makes your heart sing, your eyes twinkle, and your wings soar to the cosmos.

These are the below-the-surface pieces that solopreneurs don't know (and couldn't have known) about.

Who • My Ideal Client

Where did these puzzle pieces of Guide to Grace welcome video emerge from?

From being taught full permission to claim my tribe, who I want to serve (empowered choice) and who I want to surround myself with (empowered choice), which meant relinquishing the people-pleasing doormat aspect of myself. My gaaaaaaawd, the free time, the free space and the freedom of being free from people-pleasing!!!!!!!!!!

From dedicated years of working on elevating self-worth and learning to receive, which lead to epic aha moments that: overachievers deserve support and championing too... In fact, they deserve it super much because they are the visionaries, founders and creators of some the world's greatest movements and revolutions!

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
– Simon Sinek

Why • My Motivation

Where did these puzzle pieces of Guide to Grace welcome video emerge from?

From devoted years of digging for my Why from Simon Sinek's TED Talk: People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

From two 11-day Vipassana silent meditation retreats, with powerful intentions and mofo stamina, which developed from becoming an adult and single-parent at the age of 3. We call this "Superpower, kryptonite!", that which brings you most pain, also brings you most strength!

From every personality test under the sun and "Ayahuasca + 10 Years" of self-development to peel away EVERYONE ELSE's Why from MY Why.

How • My Unique Approach

Where did these puzzle pieces of Guide to Grace welcome video emerge from?

From a very uncomfortable and painful exercise of asking 25 conscious and empowered people to summarise my glory in 3 words and asking 25 others to write glowing testimonials for my work, which helped me feel and release the pain of having suppressed my greatness 10,000 meters deep and having buried it with self-hatred.

From all the consciousness work to raise my vibrational frequency to attract these 50 people into my life in the first place.

From realising, after decades of crying myself to sleep under the crushing weight of having failed to live up to EVERYONE ELSE'S expectation of me, that I didn't fail them. In fact, I didn't fail at all. THEY failed to live up to their own expectations and dreams and they projected THEIR failure onto me. Oooooooh, kaboom, light bulb!!! This explosive aha opened the flood gates of Grace and helped me realiee that I AM the confluence of ease, peace, awe, trust and joy... and THAT is how I'm irrevocably different from everyone else on the planet.

What • My Unique Offers

Where did these puzzle pieces of Guide to Grace welcome video emerge from?

From an organic process of noticing patterns from 1:1 clients, grouping them and leading them through 12 common themes, turning that into an audio course, running the program again with 16 common themes, adding worksheets and visual aids and turning that into a video e-course, then making tweaks in content and context and turning that into a masterclass.

From applying dozens of books (especially Women who Run with the Wolves) and a few programs to shut off rational decision making and activate intuitive decision making, which lead me from perfectionism and analysis paralysis to discernment, inner knowing and intuitive hits. That's how I named Six-figure Simplified. It just came, in the shower.

From friends and clients who've been my rock and joy, and a conversation with Danika, which yielded the term from my other program High Return on Happiness. It emerged from our connection, her dynamite creativity and my high value on an organic, happy biz development journey (not just some elusive maybe happy destination).

From embracing peace and simplicity as guiding North Stars for my life, seeking the simplest form of everything, which is how I named my other program My first Masterclass. As is.


Why Dig up The Psyche? Why Show Up?

Have I scared or rumbled you a bit? Good!

Because at Guide to Grace, entrepreneurship is a spiritual quest. It's so much more than grabbing a laptop and escaping to the beaches of Bali. It's about:

  1. diving (falling or sometimes being kicked) into the dark depths of our psyche,
  2. bringing the darkness to light,
  3. integrating it all into a whole,
  4. and shining the whole into the world!

Can you imagine the deep exhale and relief of articulating all that you are/do and that your business is/does in 3:30min?

Can you imagine the thaw and peace of achieving wholeness?

Can you imagine the explosive delight and liberation of clear self-expression, of saying what you need to say in under 20 seconds?

Can you imagine the rumbling alignment of your identity, business, words and marketing?

Can you imagine joyful pride of seeing/hearing your full glory captured in motion picture?

Can you imagine the expansive freedom of feeling complete? Of having arrived?


The wisdom of my experience

I always asks my clients, "How are you prolonging your own suffering?" Know that what I shared with you was the journey of an "orphan child", "wounded healer" and "minority heroine", with a powerful ego able to hyper-amplify and hyper-prolong pain and suffering.

Know that it isn't and won't be your journey. You may have it really easy! Great, get started on "version 0"! You may have it waaaaaay harder than me. Great, get started on "version 0"!

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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Ellany LeaAUTHOR • When Ellany said yes to freedompreneurship, she had no idea it'd turn into a spiritual quest of reclaiming the 1,000 pieces of her soul.