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Dive deeper. Soar higher. Live freer.


If ready to enroll in a Guide to Grace program and need guidance discerning the best format and rhythm for your liberation, apply for an in-depth Breakthrough Session* (60 min). I know far beyond what you don't know. That's my genius + gift to you!


I'll name your original glory.


I'll re-tune you to building freedompreneurship with grace.


I'll gift you 3-6 personalized and immediately applicable tools for YOUR soul maturation + lifestyle freedom.

Book Breakthrough Session

1:1 Breakthrough Session

Takeaways • 3-6 personalized tools for soul maturation + lifestyle freedom

Consultation • 60min via Zoom with Ellany Lea

Waiting List • 2-4 days


Dive deeper. Soar higher. Live freer.

Book Breakthrough Session