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Are you a wisdom Collector?

Is there a meaningful program, masterclass, workshop, or guidebook you've been itching to create or dying to unleash?


Have you been collecting (aka hoarding) knowledge, wisdom, trainings, research, tools, books, webinars, podcasts... for yeeeeeears?


Have you lived through heartbreak or "dark nights of the soul" and would love to know that your pain was not in vain if it can guide others?


Do you feel like you're about to explode, from madness, from restlessness, or (if we get graphic) from creative vomiting?


Are you overwhelmed or stuck on how to organize all that collected wisdom into a desirable, marketable and profitable masterclass?



Unleash your Masterclass

There is a much more elegant way to actualize your deepest creative genius, without vomiting all over yourself and/or others. If you answered yes to the above questions, then it's time you met grace, the convergence of ease, peace, joy, truth, and trust.

It's time you joined our signature 3-part program Unleash Your Masterclass, to co-create and unleash your life's masterclass, with grace.


Part 1

Create the

Part 2

Create the
Learning Lab

Part 3

Create the


Unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, judgement, sorry, shame.
– Brené Brown


From Freedom Seeker to Liberator

Unleash Your Masterclass is so much more than tossing together any old e-course to make some money. It's about embracing freedompreneurship as a spiritual quest.

It's about discovering the depth and beauty of your soul and alchemizing them into wisdom for others. It's about evolving gracefully from freedom seeker to liberator, on a quest to clarify, deepen, enrich, fast-track, and actualized one-word answers to:

As a freedom seeker, who am I here to liberate?
As a lifelong learner, what am I here to teach?

As a creative trailblazer, why am I here?
As an overachiever, how do I surrender to grace?
As a truth seeker, who am I?

AND it's about completing the quest with a masterclass that is soul-aligned, marketable, and profitable.


Pricing available January 30, 2020. Enrollment opens February 14, 2020.

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From One-Woman-Show to Freedompreneur


Would you loooooove to organize everything you've ever been, done and understood about life and your zone of genius... into beautiful, tidy, inspiring, liberating, and empowering lessons for your people?


Would you love to achieve the above through simple structures, peaceful processes, joyful connection, and graceful guidance?


Would you love to live your days in freedom at the intersection of: enlightenment, entrepreneurship and enchantment?


Pricing available January 30, 2020. Enrollment opens February 14, 2020.

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Meet Ellany Lea

Hi, I'm Ellany, founder of Guide to Grace, a sanctuary for soul maturation + lifestyle freedom. Here, we've comforted, guided and championed women founders, overachievers, trailblazers, entrepreneurs and freedom seekers for 8 years.

Unleash Your Masterclass is the culmination of those women's growth, my 16 career re-inventions, two decades of personal development, $100,000 in healing arts and training, $100,000 in business automation, and 131 countries traveled.


3-Part Curriculum

Part 1 • Create the Master

Month Modules
  • Preparation: Freedompreneurship as a Spiritual Quest, Success Re-calibrations, Grace Tuners, Boutique Mindset, Mighty Sequencing, Power of Iterations
  • Framework: Tao of Creativity, Curriculum Outline, Masterclass Production Panel
  • Parts Integration + Inner Sage Activation
  • Enlightened Goals + Sustainable Success
  • Busyness Tracker + Freedom Tracker
  • Wall of Greatness + Taming the Critic
  • Conscious Priorities + Feminine/Masculine Pyramid of Needs
  • Values Lantern + Business Boundaries
  • Ideal Client Avatar Part 1


Part 2 • Create the Learning Lab

Month Module
  • Wounded Child Matrix + Superpowers
  • Sacred Archetypes
  • Branding with Archetypes
  • Dream Team + Ego Dis-identification
  • Ideal Client Avatar • Part 2
  • Branding Deck
  • Unique Methodology
  • Product Funnel + Domino Effect
  • Money Memory Purge
  • Six-figure Calculator
  • Curriculum Outline
  • Curriculum Context
  • Curriculum Content


Part 3 • Create the Masterclass

Month Modules
  • Lead Magnet + Client Opt-in
  • Production Panel + Masterclass Recording
  • Storytelling + Website
  • Lead Magnet + Client Opt-in
  • Soul with Stamina
  • Systems Automation
  • "About Me" web page
  • Production Panel + Masterclass Editing
  • Art of Enrollment
  • List Building + Social Media
  • Masterclass Sales Page
  • Mechanism of Sales Campaign
  • Lead Generation


Unique Structures + Features

Structure 1/3 • Goldilocks Zones


  • Information • not too overwhelming, not too little boring, but just right
  • Implementation • not too busy, not too sluggish, but just right
  • Transformation • not too mystical, not too mundane, but just right

Structure 2/3 • Doing the right things in the right order


Grace Guidepost 1 • Ease

You need to know your enlightened goals (people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it) in order to...
... recruit talented, soul-aligned, and trustworthy dream team members who stay loyal in order to...
... enrich evergreen funnels and co-lead seasonal automated sales campaigns. Then you'll know ease.


Grace Guidepost 2 • Peace

You need to discern ego vs. soul and know who is truly making your decisions in order to...
... claim your unique methodology and design your learning lab your way in order to...
... effortlessly and fearlessly enroll students into your programs. Then you'll know peace.


Grace Guidepost 3 • Joy

You need to know your masculine/feminine hierarchy of needs and conscious priorities pyramid in order to...
... evolve your schedule from busyness or procrastination to time freedom in order to...
... complete the masterclass recording / editing through graceful discipline or delegation. Then you'll know joy.


Grace Guidepost 4 • Truth

You need to know your most intimate 42 parts and their needs/desires in order to...
... identify and articulate your avatar’s most intimate needs/desires, traits and challenges in order to ...
... outline a curriculum that meets their needs and fulfills their desires. Then you'll know truth.


Grace Guidepost 5 • Trust

You need to know your worth, purge negative money memories and develop your faith muscles in order to...
... design irresistible lead magnets and thoughtful high-priced products/services in order to...
... receive a high return on investment for lead generation and partnerships. Then you'll know trust.


Structure 3/3 • Rest Stops + Rituals


  • At program start: Comprehensive Prep Pack to see the full picture
  • At program end: Comprehensive Completion Pack to celebrate you
  • Before live session: Pre-call Reflections to get clear and grounded
  • After live session: Mini-quests to follow through and actualize
  • At session start: Permission Slips to build freedom muscles
  • At session end: No! Declaration to build grace muscles
  • First 3 weeks of the month: Unleash Your Masterclass live coaching/mentoring sessions
  • First 3 weeks of the month: Play Labs (optional 2hr co-working) to complete mini-quests in joyful community
  • Last week of the month: Rest + Recharge week
  • Before program start: access to Part 2 and Part 3 worksheets so you always see where we're going and understand why we're doing there


Joyful Relief

Unleash the creative force bottled within, knowing it's safe to fully express yourself. You can feel so light, so free!

turning fork

Inspired Masterclass

Complete the quest with your soul-aligned, marketable, profitable, masterclass in hand. You can feel in awe of even yourself!


True Confidence

Reclaim your sovereignty and all your parts into a whole.
You can feel tall, grounded and centered.


Signature Brand

Develop and articulate your signature methodology, as a powerful stake/brand for all future books, products, services, etc. You can feel mighty!


Magnetic Leadership

Exude a radiant charisma that effortlessly draws audiences in, to follow your lead, your global movement. You can feel so true and alive.


Digital Ownership

No longer be a digital disaster, but digital owner of a business asset, with streamlined and automated systems. You can feel so at peace.


Fulfilling Legacy

Actualize a meaningful calling in joyful community.
You can feel the sweet nectar of enriching many lives, especially yours.


Time Freedom

Whether it takes you one iteration or more, trust that every move you make exponentially frees up your time. You can feel exalted!


Liberator Key

Hold the key to all 9 types of freedom (time, mental, emotional, creative, geographical, spiritual, entrepreneurial, financial, cultural).


Program Enrollment

Leadership • Live coaching / mentoring sessions by Ellany Lea

Duration • 10 months

Frequency • First 3 weeks of every month (60 min)

Format • Group sessions via Zoom

IncludedUnleash Your Masterclass (Parts 1, 2, and 3), Coaching Prep Pack, weekly Pre-call Reflections, Completion Pack, Freedompreneur Quotient Test, High Return on Happiness Masterclass, and more!

Enrollment Opens February 14, 2020

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