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Coaching & Mentoring Programs for Overachievers

Coaching / mentoring programs for globetrotting overachieving women founders, trailblazers and entrepreneurs.

Want lifestyle freedom?
(Time freedom, Location freedom, Financial freedom)

Then... build a lifestyle business.
(Boutique brand, Premium programs, Digital assets)

To build a lifestyle business, reveal your authentic brand.
(Soul contract, Wild creativity, Originality)

To reveal your authentic brand, surrender to Grace.
(Grace at the intersection of entrepreneurship, enlightenment, and enchantment)

To surrender to Grace, you'll need guides.
('Guide to Grace' Tools, Sametuary Vault, and 'Guide to Grace' Coaches)

When you make it through on the other side... you'll have lifestyle freedom.
AND soul maturation!



To discern which program best suits your needs...

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