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What is Alchemizing Ayahuasca?

Alchemizing Ayahuasca is an illuminating quest towards permanent liberation and wholeness. When we are whole, there is no lack. When there is no lack, we are free. When we are free, we can liberate others, with grace. 🌟

Who is this Program For?

For women founders, overachievers, trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and freedom seekers who value guided preparation, conscious growth, and wholesome integration/support.

Why take on this Quest?

To experience and know the answers to:

As a cosmic soul in a human body, who are you?

As a creative trailblazer, why are you here?

As a freedom seeker, who are you here to liberate?

As a lifelong learner, what are you here to teach?


It's the only program that recognizes the importance of and offers 5 months of post-retreat psychotherapeutic integration.


What's the no.1 Takeaway Reported by Grads?

Most grads initially come for deeper healing or deeper connection with their purpose.

At and weeks/months after the retreat, they experience and takeaway 4 types of knowing around a central theme.

The 4 types of knowing are: the Mind understands, the Heart comprehends, the Body experiences, and the Soul remembers.

The most common central themes are: liberation, surrender, undeniable clarity, Love/Oneness, or forgiveness.


What's the no.1 Difference between alchemizing ayahuasca and other ayahuasca retreats?

We provide an Ayahuasca retreat WITH an extended period of post-retreat integration.

Without long-term integration, your Ayahuasca experience will remain a "super neat experience you once had." We want more and better for you! With long-term integration, we guide you to implement the freedom / illumination you experienced, really live it live into the marrow of your bones and permanently become that freedom / light.

This is not a rah-rah-rah-oooh-aaah retreat, after which you go home and carry on with the same old, same old, by your lonesome self. This is an expansive reclamation of all 4 types of knowing (mind, body, heart, spirit) that you embody, with the love and guidance of a Freedom Master and new tribe!

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Dates + Location FAQ

Preparation Sessions

Aug 14, 21, 28 • 2019
Virtual via Zoom
Spiritual coaching + psychotherapeutic training to clarify pain points, dig deeply within the Self, and gracefully ease into higher illumination

4 Days / 3 Nights Retreat

Sep 5-8 • 2019
Málaga, Spain
3 Ayahuasca ceremonies to catalyse, supercharge and make permanent your healing, surrender and liberation

Integration Sessions

Sep 2019 - Jan 2020
Virtual via Zoom
Empowerment coaching + psychotherapeutic integration to sooth, ground and alchemize your experience into permanent freedom and wholeness

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Logistics FAQ

What is the nearest airport?

Málaga, Spain (AGP)
From overseas, it can be more economical to fly into London, Lisbon or Madrid and book a separate local flight to Malaga (via Norwegian Air, Vueling, Ryanair, or Easyjet).

How long is the retreat?

4 days, 3 nights (one Ayahuasca ceremony per night)
All retreats start Thursday 6 PM CET and end Sunday 3 PM CET

What is the retreat schedule?

8 PM • Group preparation / discussion
9 PM • Ayahuasca ceremony begins
2 AM (approx.) • Ayahuasca ceremony ends
9 AM • Breakfast
10 AM • Psychotherapeutic Integration
2 PM • Lunch (vegetarian option available)
3 PM • Free time
6 PM • Light dinner (vegetarian)

Where it the retreat center?

40km West of Málaga, Spain
1 street from the Mediterranean Sea

How do I reach the retreat center?

Group transfer from AGP airport to retreat center included on Thursday of retreat at 4 PM
If traveling on your own, we will give you specific instructions on how to reach the center

Can I arrive earlier and stay longer in Spain?

Yes, you are free to travel as you like, as long as you meet us at the airport pick up point on Thursday at 4pm, and depart the retreat center on Sunday by 5pm. You are responsible for your flights, travel visa requirements, pre/post retreat accommodations and all other travel arrangements. Though Ellany knows the region, and can make some recommendations, we do not provide travel agency services.

How many people are in the program?

This group program is limited to 8 women.
At the retreat itself, these 8 will join 3-12 additional participants for the Ayahuasca ceremonies.
Two facilitators will lead the ceremonies and integrations.
Ellany, who will not be taking any Ayahuasca, will be your on-site personal coach.

What are preparation sessions with Ellany like?

We'll have 3 preparation sessions (1hr via Zoom) on: setting clear intentions, peeling away blockages to actualizing those intentions, and connecting to deepest desires.

Tools may include: Wounded Child Identity Matrix, Saboteurs and Parts Integration, and Sacred Archetypes

What are integration sessions with Ellany like?

We'll have 2 integration sessions per month (1hr via Zoom), for 5 months immediately following the retreat.
Our program is not about getting high and sending you back on a place to the same old-same old life.

Our program offers integration in a safe and grounding sanctuary, from which to embody your newly found healing and/or clarity, with powerful tools from Trailblazer Toolbox. Said bluntly, it'll ensure that you don't end up a spiritual vegetable or an isolated cynic, and that you live and implement what you learned.

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Enrollment FAQ

What's included?

Preparation • All group coaching/preparation sessions
Integration • All group coaching/integration sessions
Retreat • 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies + psychotherapeutic integration with expert facilitators + support/guidance from Ellany
Retreat • Shared accommodation (3 nights)
Retreat • Meals from Thursday light dinner to Sunday lunch
Retreat • Group transfer from AGP airport to retreat center

What's NOT included?

All flight(s)
Accommodation + meals before / after retreat
Additional plant medicines, such as Kambo, Bufo, Yopo, etc.

What if I have food allergies?

Most meals are served buffet style, so you select what you eat. We will also inform the retreat center of any food allergies.

Does age matter?

Must be 21 years or older

Can anyone join?

No. Must first book a chat with Ellany and be invited to join

Can I bring a friend/partner to the retreat?

If your friend/partner is a woman, they can book a chat with Ellany and be invited to enroll in the full program. We do not offer retreats without an extended period of integration.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa or Mastercard in EUR or USD. We also accept bank transfer in EUR.

What's the cancellation policy?

Ellany often knows your mind better than you do. She won't let you register unless she's sure that your heart, soul, needs, and wants all align and match. Once registered, there is no refund. Should an emergency occur, you can transfer your credits to the following retreat or to another Guide to Grace program.


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Well Being FAQ

Can I function after the retreat?

Yes, you can function after the retreat, but we highly recommend that you clear your schedule for the week post-retreat (Eg. Pre-do all your grocery shopping, clear non-essential activities, etc.), so you can lovingly rest. Ayahuasca ceremonies take place at night, so you won't be sleeping much for 3 nights. At the retreat, there's plenty of time to rest during the day.

I don't like to lose control.

That's not a question, lol! But I know what you're asking. I had an anchor for myself where every few minutes I'd crack an eye open and wiggle my right pinkie toe. That was my tether to "this" world and to make sure that I wouldn't get overwhelmed by the magnitude / terror / beauty of the unknown. You can create an anchor for yourself as well. You don't have to go anywhere you don't want to. Hehehe, by the end, you too will realize that your most profound joy, liberation and peace were obtained when you gracefully released control, at your own rhythm and p(e)ace. No one is asking you or will make you let go of anything you're not ready to let go. I'll be there, just look at me, keep eye contact until you're comfortable to close your eyes again.

What if I get caught in a  Mind loop?

Mind loops happen. If you consciously choose to be aware of your mind loops, that awareness itself will help you exit it. Think of mind loops as hiccups. You pretty quickly become aware that you have the hiccups, and that awareness itself has you exit the hiccups (with drinking water, holding your breath, etc.). Same thing with mind loops, when you pay attention and become aware of them, you'll know what to do to exit the loop. Also, the experienced facilitators are talented at reading the room and shifting the energy if many seem to be caught in loops.

My brain is foggy, will Ayahuasca help clear it?

Ellany is not a medical doctor, but our team has one on staff whom you can consult before or after the retreat. That said, taking Aya and letting it pull out from your cells, your emotional pain body, your mental field and your soul aura will do wonders for brain fog. Think of Ayahuasca as a 4-in-1 purge. Instead of talking for years with your therapist, getting somatic body work until the end of time and hiring the best energy healer the world has to offer, take some Aya and purge and cleanse all 4 areas, in one shot! Be done with it. It's time to move on. Move on to fun, to pleasure, to ecstatic prosperity and adventure!

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Partnership FAQ

Can I share and promote the program to my community?

Absolutely, become a partner and receive all manners of gratitude and perks for each referral! Contact Ellany.



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