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Alchemizing Ayahuasca is an illuminating quest towards permanent liberation and wholeness.

Alchemizing Ayahuasca is also the art of remembering what the soul already knows.

The program, preparation and integration sessions will be drawn from the Trailblazer Toolbox modules. 


Preparation Sessions

Aug 14, 21, 28 • 2019
Virtual via Zoom


Sep 5-8 • 2019
Málaga, Spain

Integration Sessions

Sep 2019 - Jan 2020
Virtual via Zoom


Frequently Asked Questions



From our GTG Community

We surveyed our community with, "If Ellany organized an Ayahuasca retreat with post-retreat integration/coaching sessions, would you attend?"

Over 23 participants enthusiastically said yes! There are only 8 seats available, so read the FAQs and book a chat with Ellany early!


Frequently Asked Questions


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