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Alchemizing Ayahuasca is an illuminating quest towards permanent liberation and wholeness.

It's the only program that recognizes the importance of and offers 5 months of post-retreat psychotherapeutic integration.

When we are whole, there is no lack. When there is no lack, we are free. When we are free, we can liberate others, with grace. 🌟

Alchemizing Ayahuasca is also the art of remembering what the soul already knows.

Preparation Sessions

Aug 14, 21, 28 • 2019
Virtual via Zoom

In-Person Retreat

Sep 5-8 • 2019
Málaga, Spain

Integration Sessions

Sep 2019 - Jan 2020
Virtual via Zoom

Frequently Asked Questions



From our GTG Community

We surveyed our community with, "If Ellany organized an Ayahuasca retreat with post-retreat integration/coaching sessions, would you attend?"

Over 23 participants enthusiastically said yes! There are only 8 seats available.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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