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Live • 4-Part Series

How about a lifestyle business filled with high return on investment (ROI), high return on happiness (ROH) AND high return on freedom (ROF)?


Part 1 • Do the right things in the right order

Most Common Lifestyle Freedom Business Mistakes. Find out how to liberate yourself from random busyness.

Part 2 • Make breadcrumb trade-offs

How to Gracefully Make Six-Figures Doing Everything You Love. Find out how to liberate yourself from the past.

Part 3 • Re-calibrate compasses

Top Tools to Re-calibrate Inner Compasses towards Total Liberation. Find out how to liberate yourself from the fear of success.

​Part 4 • Cycle through organic iterations

How to Create a Masterclass that is Wanted + Sellable. Find out how to liberate yourself from overwhelm and disappointment.


I have done B-School and other mentoring programs and non has set me up for success like Six-figure Simplified. Ella has given me not only the practical guidance on how to get my nutrition business on its way to becoming a thriving practice, but also the inner skills I need to navigate myself, my time and the world around me. That in itself is priceless.

I am so grateful you had me do all the work before hand. I now have everything I need right here. I feel like I can rock this now. Just wanted to say an extra thanks.

Alyssa Bauman
Nutrition Expert + TV Personality

Ella gave me her 100% and genuinely held me throughout the process and saw my magnificence when I could not. She is resilient, she "gets me", she is always "there", fun to work with, a source of strength, ideas, business advice and a faithful companion on whatever journey needs to happen. She has this playful, wise, kickass energy about her that is just a delight to work with! Always insightful, motivating, cheering, going deep and transformative in her unique, blended ways that don't hold anything back of what she lived, learned, and felt as she did all the work herself first!

Sara Bianchi
Liberator of Lone Wolves


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