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How about a lifestyle business filled with high return on investment (ROI), high return on happiness (ROH) AND high return on freedom (ROF)?


Part 1 • Do the right things in the right order

Most Common Lifestyle Freedom Business Mistakes. Find out how to liberate yourself from random busyness.

Part 2 • Make breadcrumb trade-offs

How to Gracefully Make Six-Figures Doing Everything You Love. Find out how to liberate yourself from the past.

Part 3 • Re-calibrate compasses

Top Tools to Re-calibrate Inner Compasses towards Total Liberation. Find out how to liberate yourself from the fear of success.

​Part 4 • Cycle through organic iterations

How to Create a Masterclass that is Wanted + Sellable. Find out how to liberate yourself from overwhelm and disappointment.


Ella has two exceptional talents - one, she is a master of mindset, creating new narratives and perspectives where there were none before. Two, she always has wisdom nuggets in her back pocket - that come in all forms from mantras to paradoxes to straight up advice. Her sunny cheery personality always brings light and energy to our sessions, I always hang up feeling re-energized!

Danika Zoe
Founder, Fearless Leader

I had an existential crisis after I built a following of 20,000 subscribers and I still didn't feel good enough. It was starting to hurt my relationship with my fiancé. So I hired Ellany for business mentoring to sort through my business goals and systems.

But she already knew I needed coaching to calm my crazy demanding self and spiritual guidance to increase my self-worth and self-compassion practice. It's felt like a long winter. I feel like a different person now. I AM a different person. I Whatsapp Ellany weekly to thank her for our deep soulful and practical work.

Author & relationship mentor
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