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"Rivers need banks to flow. If you are the river, we are your banks."
– Ellany Lea

Are you nauseated from the start - stop - start - stop - start - stop of your creative pursuits? Are you swirling in busyness even though you'd love to get down to business?

Then join our e-salon on how to clear pathways for genius to flow.



Do you know how creativity works? How does inspiration (an idea) turn into actualization (a movement/product/service/community)?

Creativity follows a pathway (a tao) from chakra to chakra. You're hit by an idea at the crown chakra at the top of your head and that idea will make its way to become envisioned, spoken, loved, empowered, supported and rooted.

Then once it roots (at the root chakra), it makes its journey back up. If creativity and inspiration can survive this perilous quest, then you will be rewarded with an actualized movement, product, service, community or dream.

However... dum, dum, dum... what they don't tell you is all about the sea creatures, land ogres, shadow gremlins and wounded critters that will jump out of the forest to sabotage the tao of creativity.


Can you identify these monsters? Do you know what to do when you encounter them, so to obtain safe passage? Reserve a seat to our next e-salon!



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