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Guide to Grace will guide you to see the depth and beauty of your soul, so you can alchemize it into freedom and contribution.



We see your truth and teach you to embody that clarity, so that you confidently expand your impact and profits.


We fine tune your inner compass to its original purity, so that you create authentic, automated and peaceful profits, your way.


We structure and simplify your business, so that you alchemize overwhelm into joy and dreams into boutique products / services.




We decipher the mystical, so that you achieve clarity, understanding and inner mastery, while practicing preparation without attachment, and build busines depth + reach with enlightened flow.



We invite you into an expansive sanctuary for rest and renewal, so that you see your worth, claim your people / tribe, and follow through with graceful stamina.



We align your mind, heart, body and soul with grace, so that you are free emotionally, mentally, spiritually, geographically, culturally, and above all time-free.



In a deeply safe space, we reconnect you with joy and surrender, so that you go out and lead global revolutions peacefully, resiliently, and powerfully, in the face of uncertainty.


We untangle your emotions and wordsmith your thoughts, so that you powerfully voice and market your product / services as your true compelling self (not who you think you should be).

Dreams cost. What price will you pay to live (and die) without regret?

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Rivers need banks to flow. If you are the river, we are your banks.
– Ellany Lea