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Favorite Stories

By Ellany Lea   •   May 4, 2018   •   7 Min Read

The Hero slays dragons to regain power, while The Heroine slays dragons to regain wholeness. But what happens after they return home, powerful and whole? That's when The Liberator's Journey begins to turn a freedom seeker into a liberator.

By Ellany Lea   •   Apr 18, 2018   •   8 Min Read

Understand the mechanism of The Hero's Journey will ensure your safe passage from lone outcast to victorious warrior. This is the story of my quest, taking my coaching business to 16 countries in 16 weeks.

By Ellany Lea   •   Apr 26, 2018   •   7 Min Read

I knew something was missing from The Hero's Journey. I found the missing piece in Maureen Murdock's The Heroine's Journey, an alternate quest mechanism from abandoned girl to reclaimed goddess.

Latest Stories

By Ellany Lea   •   Sep 1, 2019   •   2 Min Read

Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound? 🌀  Carry the false belief that it’s evil to have (money, love, joy, pleasure), that I need to be poor to be good. 🌀  Chronically borrow against my own well being by over-working and under-earning. 🌀  Crushed under the weight of scarcity, with never enough time, money, opportunities, support, love to go around.

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 30, 2019   •   2 Min Read

Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound? 🌀  Rarely content because life is ruled by impossibly high standards of perfection. 🌀  Chronically over-give, over-do and over-compensate just to get the same success and/or validation as everyone else. 🌀  Organize life around duty and survival (eg. debt, clutter, barren home) rather than thriving (eg. beauty, joy, pleasure).

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 29, 2019   •   2 Min Read

Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound? 🌀  Suffer from hyper-vigilance, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. 🌀  Overly naïve and trusting, thus attracting narcissists, sociopaths and/or con artists. 🌀  Take a lot of uncalculated risks, living close to the edge, with few safety nets.

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 27, 2019   •   5 Min Read

How do you gracefully keep up the momentum in your business, especially during summer sunshine lulls, back-to-school frenzy, and blink-and-it's here holiday drama? I'm going to share with you the #1 most grounding success ritual I have. It's so simple.

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 20, 2019   •   6 Min Read

True time freedom isn't just having the hours in a day to do whatever you want, whenever, wherever, however, with whomever you want. It's experiencing all 4 levels of knowing that freedom from time can occur without doing anything or going anywhere.

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 14, 2019   •   6 Min Read

Peacocks eat thorns when food is scare and process them into "feathers with colors and shapes unmatched throughout nature for their extraordinary beauty. So it is with us.” But does all beauty have to come from hard pain? Read on to find out!

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 6, 2019   •   4 Min Read

"Rest until you feel like playing, then play until you feel like resting, period. Never do anything else." Could you live by this motto in order to pour grace all over your freedompreneurship journey?

By Ellany Lea   •   Jul 31, 2019   •   5 Min Read

What is surrender? What is atonement? And what do they have to do with mind, body, heart and spirit liberation from the bondage and abuse of Wounded Patriarchy on women? Read on to witness the unfolding of the Snakes and Ladders game of freedom.

By Ellany Lea   •   Jul 24, 2019   •   5 Min Read

Ever since I was little, I was called "sweetheart money tree" as a term of endearment... as in you shake it and money falls out. It wasn't until I learned about the term filial piety and studied my clients that I saw what cause overachiever exhaustion. Read on to see it for yourself!