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High Return on Happiness is designed to liberate you to live into "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

This program is Guide to Grace's overview quest towards soul maturation + lifestyle freedom with 19 keys to unlock.


Module 1 • Power of Sequencing

7 Examples on the importance of doing the right things in the right order, to achieve lifestyle freedom + graceful happiness + peaceful prosperity.

7 Metrics of happiness beyond money

2 Most powerful tools to re-sequence your time (Busyness Tracker) and decisions (The 5 "It" Factors)

Liberate yourself from frantic busyness.

Module 2 • from Solopreneur to Freedompreneur

16 Career overhauls that illustrate the magic of following Life's breadcrumbs and making trade-offs to reach a six-figure business with high happiness.

5 Examples of the Daring-Falling-Rising cycle

1 Most powerful tool to purge neuro-wiring with negative memories

Liberate yourself from suffocating perfectionism.


Module 3 • Liberation Recalibrations

9 Most powerful tools on how to recalibrate inner compasses to original truth of who you are and shed patriarchical indoctrination.

Metrics beyond money, 6 Neurological rewiring, Either/or syndrome, 6 Exquisite Freedom wheel, 4 Freedom quadrants, 5 "It" factors, Overachiever's Hierarchy of Needs, Feminine/Masculine power pyramids, Power of tribe

Liberate yourself from imposter syndrome.


Module 4 • Power of iterations

#1 Classic pitfall of creating a masterclass

The importance of naming your Ideal Client Avatar in 4 words or less and your Branding in 4 words, in order to create a masterclass that is wanted + sellable + profitable.

2 Most powerful tools on the power of a visual roadmap and a simplified "money crunch" for business

 Liberate yourself from punishing overwhelm.




$ 397


High Return on Happiness





Ellany has more common sense/marketing savvy/business best practices in her little fingers than most coaches have in their whole body! You absolutely rock the planet. My business presence makes ME want to be my client! The energy that comes through is superb.

Anastacia Metcalf
Director, Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Was on a roll with my coaching biz and was even called the coaches' coach. Then got married and priorities changed. I felt stuck and embarrassed that I quit on my 8,000 followers. Ella held my hand through the emotional tunnel (aka shame) of reconnecting with my followers, my biz and my pre-marriage self.

Her cheery presence felt like sunshine and I didn't expect to cry and laugh this much. It was cathartic!! If I learned anything it's that you don't get a medal for walking through that tunnel alone. Ella always had her hand out. Take it.

Founder of online coaching collective
(privacy respected)



$ 397


High Return on Happiness