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An overview quest of inner mastery towards...

19 Keys to Soul Maturation + Lifestyle Freedom

Part 0/3 • High Return on Happiness teaches...

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


Module 1 • Power of Sequencing

How to liberate yourself from frantic busyness

7 Examples on the importance of doing the right things in the right order, to achieve lifestyle freedom + graceful happiness + peaceful prosperity.

7 Metrics of happiness beyond money

2 Most powerful tools to re-sequence your time (Busyness Tracker) and decisions (The 5 "It" Factors)

Module 2 • Solopreneur to Freedompreneur

How to liberate yourself from suffocating perfectionism.

16 Career overhauls that illustrate the magic of following Life's breadcrumbs and making trade-offs to reach a six-figure business with high happiness.

5 Examples of the Daring-Falling-Rising cycle

1 Most powerful tool to purge neuro-wiring with negative memories


Module 3 • Liberation Recalibrations

How to liberate yourself from imposter syndrome

9 Most powerful tools on how to recalibrate inner compasses to original truth of who you are and shed patriarchical indoctrination.

Metrics beyond money, 6 Neurological rewiring, Either/or syndrome, 6 Exquisite Freedom wheel, 4 Freedom quadrants, 5 "It" factors, Overachiever's Hierarchy of Needs, Feminine/Masculine power pyramids, Power of tribe.


Module 4 • Power of iterations

How to liberate yourself from punishing overwhelm

No. 1 classic pitfall of creating a masterclass.

The importance of naming your Ideal Client Avatar in 4 words or less and your Branding in 4 words, in order to create a masterclass that is wanted + sellable + profitable.

2 Most powerful tools on the power of a visual roadmap and a simplified "money crunch" for business.




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High Return on Happiness





On my 3rd business I knew I needed an empowerment coach or I would lose my mind. Asking for help was a challenge, receiving help was an even bigger challenge. I wanted to prove I could do it all myself, like in my two other businesses.

Ellany, thank you for your one-on-one devotion to my dream and for looking after my happiness. You repeatedly reminded me to work smarter, not harder. I feel so free each time I confide my deepest, darkest fear to you. You made me feel safe, like I could take off the mask, be me, be enough. Thank you.

Founder of e-learning app
(privacy respected)

Ella has two exceptional talents - one, she is a master of mindset, creating new narratives and perspectives where there were none before. Two, she always has wisdom nuggets in her back pocket - that come in all forms from mantras to paradoxes to straight up advice. Her sunny cheery personality always brings light and energy to our sessions, I always hang up feeling re-energized!

Danika Zoe
Founder, Fearless Leader



$ 397


High Return on Happiness