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An overview quest of inner mastery towards...

19 Keys to Soul Maturation + Lifestyle Freedom

Part 0/3 • High Return on Happiness teaches...

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


Module 1 • Power of Sequencing

How to liberate yourself from frantic busyness

7 Examples on the importance of doing the right things in the right order, to achieve lifestyle freedom + graceful happiness + peaceful prosperity.

7 Metrics of happiness beyond money

2 Most powerful tools to re-sequence your time (Busyness Tracker) and decisions (The 5 "It" Factors)

Module 2 • Solopreneur to Freedompreneur

How to liberate yourself from suffocating perfectionism.

16 Career overhauls that illustrate the magic of following Life's breadcrumbs and making trade-offs to reach a six-figure business with high happiness.

5 Examples of the Daring-Falling-Rising cycle

1 Most powerful tool to purge neuro-wiring with negative memories


Module 3 • Liberation Recalibrations

How to liberate yourself from imposter syndrome

9 Most powerful tools on how to recalibrate inner compasses to original truth of who you are and shed patriarchical indoctrination.

Metrics beyond money, 6 Neurological rewiring, Either/or syndrome, 6 Exquisite Freedom wheel, 4 Freedom quadrants, 5 "It" factors, Overachiever's Hierarchy of Needs, Feminine/Masculine power pyramids, Power of tribe.


Module 4 • Power of iterations

How to liberate yourself from punishing overwhelm

No. 1 classic pitfall of creating a masterclass.

The importance of naming your Ideal Client Avatar in 4 words or less and your Branding in 4 words, in order to create a masterclass that is wanted + sellable + profitable.

2 Most powerful tools on the power of a visual roadmap and a simplified "money crunch" for business.




$ 397


High Return on Happiness





Ella is my brilliant business fairy godmother. With massive smarts and experience—and a light heart—she helped me navigate my way to a business strategy that’s a uniquely perfect fit for me. It’s not only streamlined and simplified, it’s also bigger and more soulful than I’d imagined it could be.

Karen Olson

My biggest take away was the need to create my business around my life and really understanding the use of leverage. How best to use my time, to create a sustainable business via group programs and info products.

I loved the small group, it was a thought-provoking safe space to share and learn from you and Maria. My biggest leap of faith was hiring a VA!!! Yay and it's been wonderful and so freeing.

Candy Motzek



$ 397


High Return on Happiness